Canada Post to Discontinue Home Delivery; So What? #canpoli #bcpoli #canpost #mail

This where I get my mail, it’s no big deal!

Canada Post is discontinuing home mail delivery. Big Deal!

Earlier this year they floated the trial balloon of cutting back residential delivery to 2 days a week. ( That was dumb, posties would never stick around for a two day a week job or would they?)

This change should be no shock.

Everybody always complains about the mail and with the exception of government mail and various seasonal mail outs nobody uses it much anymore anyways.

You can arrange anything delivered bill wise over the internet.

They are also jacking the price of stamps up, they say to make profit.

Profit? Canada Post? Hardly.

Have they ever done anything right?

To wit: 160 community mail boxes have been broken into in the last few months in my neighborhood alone.

What is the cost of fixing those?

Will they be replaced with theft proof boxes? What will be the cost? ( there are theft proof boxes in use in the US)

Is that built into revenue discussions?

There are some who say this move costs Harper the next election.

I doubt it.

Given all the folks who I have heard rail against Canada Post, he just might be a hero.

With that I am off to the community box before my identity is stolen.

Do you think anybody will really care or miss home delivery?