Ontario Voters Getting Ready to Run Wynne and Company Out of Town? #ontpoli #canpoli

Time to clean up this once proud province I used to call home!

After the dust settled in the BC By-election, out comes a poll showing the Ontario Progressive Conservatives creeping up on the scandal prone Liberals in their soon to be held by-elections.

It looks like voters have had enough and they are ready to send a message to Kathleen Wynne and company and so they should.

I know you can make a case that these are McGuinty scandals but most of the people involved are those same people that sit on the bench today with Kathleen and her cabinet.

Heck even McGuinty himself, while being confused over his own email rules,went on record and said they failed as a government.

If they failed as their former leader claims they should be shown the door.

The voters in Ontario have a chance to start that process in August.

Let’s hope they do!