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Peddling to Ottawa?

It seems Justin Trudeau and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson have been discussing a potential switch to federal politics.

It made me wonder why most journalists refer to the provincial arm of the NDP as the training ground for their federal cousins.

It seems like provincial NDP parties are more like a training ground for the federal liberal party.

Just ask Ujjal Dosanjh, Roy Romanow or BOB Rae.

Those three were all NDP premiers who went on to become federal liberal MPs. ( note to provincial NDP organizers: you may want to consider your new theme song to go something along the lines: mama don’t let you sons grow up to be federal Liberal MPs)

Does that speak to the chances of so called NDP stars winning a cabinet post with the federal NDP or does it speak to how far left the Federal Liberals are?

If Mayor Moonbeam ( if you are reading this outside of BC,that’s what he is called) jumps to the liberal ship after the 2014 municipal election you can bet Trudeau will try to bait him with something significant.

If Vancouver’s experience is any indicator, and Trudeau and team win the 2015 election, you can look for bike lanes on the Trans Canada highway.

They day they open, Robertson will likely peddle a bike with a sidecar upon which Trudeau will sit. They will be passing a reefer back and forth.

Nice country we live in eh!

The Specter (Horror) of an Ontario Election!


While we wait for the results from Greece why not turn our guns I mean attention to Ontario, the have not promise that is still haunted by the Ghost of Bob Rae.

I am talking about provincial Bob, the former Premier who has gone on the bigger and better things as the Interim leader of the dying Federal Liberal Party.

Why is it Bob is always around when things start to die off.

But I digress.

This week and since April Ontario voters have been haunted ( nauseated is probably a better word) at all the BS coming out of Queen’s Park relative to discussions between Dalton ( I don’t have a clue what I am doing but I sure know how to run a deficit) McGuinty and Andrea ( Will people please quit reminding Ontarians how much my party and Bob Rae screwed up the last time we were in power) Horwath trying to save the Liberals recent budget.

In a stroke of genius ( Genius is a BC word we use to describe stupid things Christy Clark and the BC Liberals do),Horwath walked away from an earlier agreement with Dalton ( Hey I can always run for the Federal liberal leadership if I blow my minority parliament) McGuinty and introduced amendments to the budget legislation that Tim ( I lost an election I should have won) Hudak immediately supported.

This caught Andrea ( I didn’t think that far ahead) Horwath off guard and now the Province of ( Hey western Canada your bloody oil is screwing up our manufacturing) Ontario is bracing for an election in neither wants,needs or can afford.

So where does Bob ( I didn’t run for liberal leadership because I didn’t want to do to Canada what I did for Ontario) fit into this?

The voters are terrorized by his memory and think a snap election could result in yet another NDP government taking a have not province into even greater depths of havenotery (My word).

Here is a comment from one such terrorized voter : Horwath and the rest of her communist/socialist cohort prove once again that when push comes to shove they would rather sit behind the safety of their rock and throw sticks and stones & manipulate the press then really tackle the issue and call McGuinty’s bluff. There is a reason the NDP will never be leaders and it is never more obvious then right now!

Kinda speaks for itself doesn’t it!

Do you think Ontario will be plunged into a needless election and elect an NDP government led by Andrea( She’s a knucklehead along the same lines as Christy Clark) Horwath?

Can you imagine the mess she would make not only of the province but also the country?

Federal Liberals Have a Dilemma!

It's easy son, wave it a little longer and they will want you real bad!

Justin Trudeau has once again said he is not interested in the job of permanent Liberal leader. He made that clear moments after Bob Rae announced that he would stay on as interim leader but would not be in the running for the permanent job.

This presents a huge problem for the party that is trying to reinvent itself.

At this point Gerrard Kennedy,Joyce Murray,Martha Hall Findlay,Marc Garneau, Dominic LeBlanc and David McGuinty are the names rumored to be interested in the job.

These potential candidates would have trouble motivating their own EDA ( Electoral District Association) boards to show up at their summer barbeques let alone captivate the country to vote for them.

So unless they have a sleeper superstar ( Dalton McGuinty LOL ) it comes to begging Trudeau to take the job.

The Dilemma of course is if he takes the job it helps the Conservatives, if he doesn’t take the job Tommy Mulcair and the NDP will steam roll them in the next election.

It is sort of a ” your screwed if you do, screwed if you don’t” situation don’t you think?

Federal Liberal Leadership: What will they lead anyway?

In another few weeks the race will officially kick off for the Federal Liberal leadership.

A lot of discussion lately has been centered around who will run.Will it be Rae? Trudeau? McGuinty?

Just What will the lucky winner Champion?

The better question in my opinion would be : Just what will the eventual winner be leading?

Will that winner lead a party which is on its deathbed and has little hope of coming back to life as the party they know and recognize Or Will that lucky winner have to be a good negotiator so that he or she can play a lead role in negotiating a merger with the NDP?

Recent polling of supporters would seem to show that they want the two parties to merge so that they can defeat the Stephen Harper led Conservative Government.

That decision has to be made before any leadership contest because it will help determine the type of leader needed to make any negotiations successful.

Of course merging is no guarantee of winning any election.

They have to prove they can get along together first before the Canadian people trust them to govern.

That in itself is no small order for two parties like the Liberals and the NDP?

Do the Conservatives care who wins?

If you believe the rumors that they already have ads ready that say elect Rae and he will do for Canada what he did to Ontario, then if McGuinty runs and wins they would simply have to change the name because as everybody knows he is making a mess of Ontario as well.

Trudeau? Not much different; Elect Justin Trudeau and he will make a mess of Canada just like his father did.

Unless they have some superstar with no baggage their only hope is to merge and I don’t see that happening for at least one election.

The party of Adscam always has to learn their lesson the hard way.

What do you think?

Bob Rae to run for permanent Leader of Liberal Party?




Bob Rae ‏ @bobraeMP

Watched Tiger win again and saw a couple of attack ads on yours truly. He came back. I guess I can too. LOL.


Does the above tweet represent Marijuana Bob Rae’s  first public admission that he wants to run to be the official Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada? Was his tweet an ill advised slip of the tongue?

What do you think?

It’s Mulcair ; Now what ?


Thomas Mulcair has won the leadership of the Federal NDP and is the new leader of the opposition , Now what?

He will more than likely move the party to the center and most likely very quickly.

What will this mean to Canadian politics?

First and foremost it will almost certainly force the Liberal party of Canada to advance their own leadership convention.


Because Mulcair and the NDP will devour the Liberals if they get control of the center and Marijuana Bob wouldn’t like that.

Also the interim leader of the Liberal Party,  under it’s constitution,  cannot negotiate a merger with the NDP. They need a permanent leader, it’s as simple as that.

What else?

It will probably force a lot of the extreme leftists that are currently have a home in the NDP to go somewhere else. ( Hello Elizabeth May and the Green Party you belong together )

Anything else?

Yes the right side of the Liberal Party will likely bolt to the Conservatives rather than join the NDP.

That it?

No the Bloc had hopes and aspirations going into today. Thomas Mulcair probably killed them off.

Anything good come of all this?

Yes likely the Liberal Party as you know it is done, so is the Bloc?

Any last thoughts?

Yes given all the mayhem and delays in the voting today , Rebecca Blaikie handle herself well. She is a good President of the NDP and has a lot to be proud of.

Craig Scott wins Toronto Danforth in the battle of the Socialists


Jack Layton must be looking down proud tonight as dipper comrade Craig Scott soundly trounced fellow socialist in the Brawl for it all in Toronto Danforth.

It was an exciting day what with Olivia Chow getting booted out of a voting station and Bob Rae aka Marijuana Bob finally admitting what the rest of us know:” All I am is the leader of a third party!

I suspect the real big winner tonight will be Thomas Mulcair as he prepares to become Dipper in charge this weekend.

First on his agenda: Devour the Liberal Party of Canada.

Big Loser: Marijuana Bob; he just made a bad day worse and conceded on behalf of his candidate.

You weren’t gonna smoke that and go for a drive were you Bob?

Marijuana Liberal Leader lecturing membership at the convention.

Word comes today from a study done in Canada that the drug that the Marijuana Liberal Party proposed to legalize might not be a safe as everybody thinks.

In fact the study says that driving while on pot actually doubles crash risk.

I wonder how Marijuana Bob and newly nominated candidate Grant Gordon will address that while campaigning on the hustings in Toronto-Danforth?

Federal By-Election called for March12

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has today called the by=election to file the vacancy left by the death of Jack Layton in the EDA of Toronto-Danforth for March 12,2012.

Voters in this EDA have a history of voting for the two socialist parties the NDP and the Marijuana Liberal Party of Canada.

Even Marijuana Liberal interim Leader Bob Rae held this riding when he was a Federal Dipper back in the late 70’S.

Traditionally governments don’t win by-elections but Layton is probably looking down with more than a passing interest from heaven.

After all,having just been laid to rest,it is a little soon for him to roll over the grave, should the lefties split the vote and the governing Conservatives come up through the middle and win the seat!