Bill Bennett : Social Media Faux Pas Election 2013 #bcpoli #webelieveinbc #canpoli

Bill Bennett: Follow me I am a Role Model!

Through out Election 2013 I will bring you bloopers from the wonderful world of social media. I will discuss their impact, if any, on the campaign. After the campaign is over I will compile a list and you the reader can vote on which one was the worst or best. ( depending on which side of the tweet you sit)

Kevin Krueger’s recent email to the Conservative party and it’s members will be ruled ineligible because it would probably win and heck email is not what everybody thinks of when they think of social media.

Twitter on the other hand is a social media vehicle widely used, perfected by Obama ( yes I gave credit to a Liberal) that will most likely land a number of users in hot water.

I read the tweet from Minister Bennett during a caucus gathering last night and could not believe he would say that the NDP were turds, election hutzpah or not .

This is wrong on more than one front.

Firstly, to refer to anybody as a turd on twitter is a basic Politics social media 101 faux pas that not even a backbencher would dare do that let alone somebody who is a Minister and party Campaign Manager.

The Campaign Manager part is important in that it is the role model that 85 other Today’s BC Liberal campaign managers will look up to.

With Bennett filling that role look for a fairly exciting campaign with lots of faux pas blogs from me and other bloggers.

Secondly and even more telling on the tweet to me was the phrase ” strange that everyone is getting along” because this statement in itself confirms what blogger Alex Tsakumis and others have been saying all along, namely that there is dissension in the Today’s BC Liberal Caucus.

With one tweet we now know that is true. ( Remember Bennett said he was joking about the turds not the dissension).

With a little over a month to go before the writ is dropped to kick off election 2013 the faux pas contest is off to a flying start!

Who will be next?

Stay tuned!