Bernard Landry: The Return Of Dr.Evil? #canpoli #qcpoli #bcpoli

More Christmas Humor, This time from the Bloc!

When Jean Charest was running for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party I remember a line in his speech that went like this : The Bloc is a Crock!

Charest was ahead of his time as today, Bernard Landry left the door open for his return to politics to lead the party into the next election.

Today he is 76 and when the election happens he will be 78!

Compared to him, my friend John Cummins was a veritable teenager.

In BC We have an expression that goes like this:only in BC Politics would something as crazy as this happen. Well not so fast.

The next Quebec provincial election will happen before the federal election and should Landry lead the Bloc he could actually campaign against Marios given that he has come out against the secular charter she intends to use as the corner stone of her election platform.

What next, will he bring Jaques Parizeau along as his citizenship and immagration critic?