Update:Christy Clark on Enbridge: Brainstorming Potential Answers is Not Her Responsibility!

Christy Clark:Well Um Frosty!

The only MSM in town that bothered to report to this point on Inept Premier Clark’s visit with Alberta Premier Redford in Calgary today had the line for the ages.

When asked by reporters about her meeting Clark ,apart from saying it was frosty, advised anybody who would listen ( and by extension anybody who would read the Globe and Mail) that it was not her responsibility to brainstorm for answers regarding the dilemma with Enbridge and the pipeline.

The operative word of course in the quote was ‘Brain’ and we have all learned by now anything to do with that area of the human body is not a Christy Clark strong point.

So Premier Clark, if not your responsibility,whose?

Essentially today’s meeting was a great big waste of Premier Redford’s time.

Why on earth would Clark drop in without any new solutions to restate her position on the project?

Why hasn’t the brainstorming been done?

Could Clark have been hiding in Alberta to avoid bad press over the 12% increase in BC Ferries rates?

Watch the Calgary Herald Video where you will hear Clark’s first words’ Well um it was Frosty”

Clark in Calgary

We have,ladies and gentleman, what sounds like a 12-year-old girl as Premier.

Next she’ll be singing ” The good ship lollipop”!

What an embarrassment!

Need I say more?

What are your thoughts?

UPDATE Some 6 hours after the meeting,NONE of the BC Electronic News Sources( Sun,province,Times Colonist) have a line about the meeting. They are still saying she will meet with Redford later today; Geesh!

The Premier”s Office Revolving Door Revolves !

Pretty Soon these people will be running into each other!

Once again the hot corner in Politics proves to be working in the Premier’s office.

Today after nine months of employment Ken Boessenkool resigned after an incident he deemed ” an incident he acted inappropriately”

I am not going to speculate what may have happened,there are enough different versions on different mainstream and non mainstream media websites.

What I will do is question why it took two weeks to complete the resignation if he apologized immediately and ask why the premier is not coming clean once again.

I understand Mr.Boessenkool’s family reads but what’s worse: Knowing the truth or reading all the rampant speculation.

The best thing of course would be for Ken to make a statement and clear the air so to speak unless of course there is more to this than meets the eye.

This of course is yet another black eye on the Clark Government, a black eye that will get worse until the cause is released.

Of course Clark’s new replacement also has some explaining to do.

If this just all happened this Last night/this morning why would you give up a stable career job as board chair at BC Hydro for a job that will probably die out by May 2013 at the latest?

What do you think?

Is there more here than meets the “Black” eye?

BC Politics: Legislature won’t be Recalled in the Fall But that’s not what is Important!

Christy Clark: I will say whatever it takes to get elected!

I spent the day listening to news reports and call in shows asking people how they felt about the legislature not being recalled in the fall. Do they care was the question on cutting edge of the ledge ( Bill good show).

I think the question was framed wrong. It shouldn’t be do you care that the legislature is not sitting this fall but rather this: Do you care that your premier campaigned on a promise to hold more sessions in the house once she was elected and then broke that promise?

Quite frankly I think the general public could care less whether the legislature sits given all the nonsense that goes on in that venue.

I do however think that the public cares about whether their Premier lies during a campaign.

This is not the first time she has broken a campaign promise, remember the promise of returning gaming funds to the arts.

This is an important question to debate now especially in the run-up to a general election.

You should ask yourself in light of this how truthful will anything she says during the May 2013 election campaign be?

So I ask you which is more important: holding a fall session or keeping promises during election campaigns?

What do you think?

Mike de Jong: Don’t worry we will find a billion dollars by next spring!

What me Worry? it’s only a billion dollars!

In another moment straight out of Mad Magazine, Finance Minister Alfred E.Neuman AKA Mike de Jong said with his best ‘what me worry’ look that the taxpayers were on the hook for a billion dollars that has gone missing due to decreased natural gas prices.

de Jong still claims that the budget will be balanced next year before the election.

How can you say that given all the variables that make up balancing the budget, natural gas prices being but one.

Unless of course the loss of a billion is yet in another list of BC Liberal lies , smoke and mirrors.

Former Finance Minister Kevin Falcon was more believable in that role than you and I am sure he would have seen that coming and sent up a warning to get people prepared.

Not only that Mike but your replacement over in Health had to have the RCMP pay a visit to investigate some potential criminal action over there. This would have happened right under your nose.

I would also expect you will be busy with the BC Rail mess.That in self should be fun for you given that you will be running back and forth from one side of the court room to the other given that you were the attorney general during the Basi Virk case.

It seems Mike that everywhere you go a mess is sure to follow. You are no more believable now than when you were part of the team that said no to the HST back in election 2009.

The province would be better off with Alfred E. Neuman presenting the next budget, at least we would know it for what it is.

Anybody have anything to add?

Christy Clark’s BC Liberals: The Vote Buying Continues!

Christy Clark: In my Heart I am a Vote Buyer!

Christy Clark, Mary Polak and the BC Liberals continued the vote buying today with a pre-election discount on the yet to be opened Port Mann Bridge.

You recall this all started last February in the run-up to the April by-elections and continued with Clark bribing people with another holiday last May.

Today the giveaways continued with the $1.50 discount day sale over at the Port Mann. It will now only cost you $3 per day to cross instead of $6.

I wonder how the voters that travel the Golden Ears Feel,A might ripped off I would imagine.

Remember to we are privatizing over at the liquor distribution branch to clear up the budget short fall.

How will they buy your votes next?

Lots of ways probably, given that today’s poll showed them picking up 3 points to the NDP. They are still getting hammered ( Down by 20%) so be prepared for more election style give a ways.

Clark and the BC have lots to be concerned about in this poll mind you. With all the recent turmoil the 4 dissidents have caused the BC Conservatives you would have thought they would have attracted Conservative support back. They didn’t.

This just proves that ( over and above the 4 dissidents in the BC Conservative Party), people are smarter than Clark gives them credit for.

The Liberals also picked up their 3 % with Clark out of the picture ( in Asia making deals she will never be around to see consummated) and away from the camera where she usually gets herself in trouble.

Smart Liberals ( if there are any) will be pulling out calculators trying to figure what kind of bounce they would get in the polls if Clark was gone for good!

Will the vote-buying continue or will Clark get the boot?

What do you think?

Christy Clark Creates New Liquor Cabinet!

Clark on Her New Cabinet: I won’t bother you with the names because this time next year none of these people will be here anyways!

After waxing poetic earlier in the week about all the talent in the BC Liberal back bench,Premier Christy Clark slapped all but two of them in the face when she played the shell game with 13 recycled and former cabinet ministers.She only added 2 MLAs who were not previously in cabinet.

This is Clark’s idea of renewal?

Clark had a real chance to put fresh faces in the cabinet and quite frankly she blew it.

You have to think that some of this so-called “talent” will take the snub and leave.

All this does is to have new managers available to “court” Exel through the rest of the process to their inevitable take over of liquor distribution branch.

To add further insult to injury Clark attempted once again to ‘bait’ voters with their own money by hinting about tax breaks for families around election time.

Premier Clark seems to repeatedly confuse leadership with bullshit.

We already know the only family she cares about is the BC Liberal family.

When will it stop?

How many more MLA’s will either resign,cross the floor or just plain head for the hills of the heartland?

What are your thoughts?

Criminal legal system in B.C. needs major overhaul ; Who would have guessed!

Christy Clark: What me Worry!

Shocking news today; Geoffrey Cowper released his report on the justice system and it said what we already knew namely that the legal system in BC needs a major overhaul.

Inept Premier Clark created this one man commission to review a justice system that is both prone to meddling from premiers( remember Clark tried to get the hockey riot trials televised) and open to slicing and dicing from political parties when they are looking to save a buck.( remember it was the BC Liberals who cut back on judges and closed court houses earlier on)

This announcement came on the day when 3 more BC Liberals rats jumped from the good ship( not really) SS Christy Clark.

Earlier in the week Kevin Falcon resigned followed today by Abbot,Les and McNeil.

The Premier announced next week there will be cabinet renewal while allowing the three aforementioned rats to maintain their cabinet positions.

Question for the masses: Where on earth ( with earth being her back benches) does Clark think she is going to find people to do this renewal.

Maybe she plans on offloading everything to Shirley Bond?

What do you think, is this the Christy Clark led death spiral we have all been waiting for?

Kevin Falcon Retires from Politics or Does He?

I am going to spend time with my family now so that when I take off to Ottawa in a couple of years they will remember who I am!

Kevin Falcon announced this morning that he was stepping down from his ministerial positions effective immediately,serving out his term and leaving politics to spend time with his family and the new-born expected in February.

Admirable to be sure.

Also a definite shot at the Christy Clark leadership.

It could also be paving the way for a run at a Federal Conservative seat in 2015.( The newborn will be 2 by then)

Where will he run? The in the process of being created new federal seat in the soon to be called Electoral District Association of Surrey Cloverdale, that’s where.

By leaving now he escapes the slaughter that will be known as the May 2013 provincial election where the BC Liberals will almost certainly be wiped out.

What do you think, Is Kevin Falcon preparing for loftier goals?

Christy Clark’s Antic’s Spread East!

Marois: In the extortion Olympics,Clark will seem like a rank amateur compared to me!

Today it was revealed, in a page out of the Christy Clark text-book on stupidity, Opposition Leader and Chief Knucklehead for the Parti Quebecois , Pauline Marois, will challenge the recent agreement with the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Under cover of the environment the Parti Quebecois will no doubt demand its Fair Share” otherwise it will threaten to block any further talk about oil.

Between the cement head in Quebec and her twin in BC ,Prime Minister Harper and is team are close to being stuck between “une roche et un endroit dur”

Speaking of rock’s and hard places, word has it The beaver had a rough day after the Quebec solidaire gave it the boot from Quebec in their recent election ad portraying what else, separation.

Maybe a local politician or two will watch the ad, draw a picture of BC and give Clark the boot for starting this latest round of extortion.

What do you think?

Full Disclosure Needed in Victoria!

5 Years to fix this isn’t long enough!

This past week in BC we have seen two examples where politicians expenses should be fully disclosed.

The first happened with the news of the mess of the BC legislature’s finances.

The second occurred today with the release of the Premier’s office credit card expenses.

This Premier’s office expenses nearly doubled. One reason given was that Clark hosted a couple of Council of Federation meetings. ( Those reading should remember that during the period Campbell’s expenses were audited he hosted a small event known as the Olympics!)

By full disclosure I mean an online view of the actual receipt not just a PDF of the statement.

There should also be an explanation of what the expense was and why it occurred.

As a taxpayer I want to know where these people are spending my money.

The auditor should have power over legislature including the ability to enforce tough penalties when the system is abused.

One penalty that should exist in the case of abuse of expenses ( Taxpayers money) is automatic recall in serious incidents.

The way the system works now,with the politicians overseeing each other, the fox is guarding the hen-house and nothing is happening.

It gives credence to what the average person on the street thinks about our politicians and that would be that they don’t care.

With the reaction this week of Bill Barisoff and the House committee, I would be inclined to agree.

What do you think?