Political Insider Canadian Newsmaker of the Year: Carol Todd! #newsmakerof theyear,#bcpoli,#canpoli

We should all be proud of Carol Todd!

Without question would give my vote if I had one to Carol Todd!

Carol is the mother of Bullying Victim Amanda Todd.

Carol, after the death of Amanda, somehow managed to get front and center in front of the cyber bullying and teenage suicide issues to arouse public sentiment and get the government start on the road to real change to protect our kids.

I can only imagine the pain she must feel.

Without question my vote would go to Carol Todd.

Thank You Carol you have helped us all!

The Christy Clark BC Liberal Government Reaches a New Low!

We all missed a game changing opportunity!

I am not talking about a flashy new poll being released, I am talking about excluding Amanda Todd’s mother from the conference on bullying. How dumb can you get?

She should have been front and center showing those people the scars of her childs death.

Premier photo-op and crew have dropped the ball once again.In fact we all did.

This was an opportunity to set politics aside and do the real work to make life more bearable for the kids in the province.

Instead a meaningful conference once again becomes a political football and a huge fumble for the Premier of our province.

You would have thought she would have been a little smarter given the vote she wants to recover is the women’s vote.

I recall, when my granddaughter was killed last October and I was in Comox for the funeral, there were a number of stories written in the local papers about kids, girls in particular committing suicide in the area. The deaths were not necessarily attributable to bullying but symptomatic of a larger problem that affects kids in this day and age.

I think there was three in the space of a month.

Something needs to be done and it has to be a lot more than the political hi-jinks of the last week.

Part of the problem is that we all stand back and accept this stuff from our politicians again and again.

We go to the polls like sheep and vote based on party lines. Those that don’t vote are making a statement albeit the wrong one.

All of us need to get involved,get outraged, be it at the next election or even now and ensure everybody knows that the status quo is no longer acceptable.

Folks did over the HST and it made a difference.

Otherwise we will get more of the same under the guise of change.

In the coming weeks I will write a post describing what I think people want and desperately need in their governments today.

We need to make real change and make the Amanda Todd’s of the world’s lives mean something.

We need to do more than what the BC Liberal government has been doing.

It’s time for real change and that time is now!

A Word About Bullies.

Maybe through Amanda’s death others will have a chance to live better lives.We can only hope.

Lately and with good reason all the talk has been about bullies and specifically the death of Amanda Todd.

Her death was a travesty.

This article written by Kelly McParland I think is one of the best ones written that not only speaks for Amanda but other victims of this little punished crime.

One of those people would be me.

I went to junior high in Winnipeg made up of grade seven,eight and nines.

I remember only too well being in grade 8 ( I was the smallest kid in the class) living a 1 minute walk from school.We lived next door to the school, I literally had to go out the back gate and pretty much the back stairs were there.

Didn’t matter, this guy got me most every day at least once. Never hit me just blocked my way, pushed me , and threatened to clobber me. Tormented me, scared me.

Bothered me so much I used to pretend to be sick so I wouldn’t have to go to school.

In reality and looking back there was no pretending at all. I was sick and scared.

This guy ( there was two, but one predominately and I remember the name like it was yesterday but I won’t mention it).

Still bothers me today and it makes me wonder how those events shaped my life and that was before the internet.

I had a nervous stomach and as a 12 year old kid became the Tagamet king of Winnipeg.

I often wonder if taking that drug is the root of all my digestive and other problems now .( Actually bullying is probably the root)

So lets hope Amanda’s life and death were not in vain, lets hope she brought this issue to the forefront where it should be.

Maybe then, the bullies will no longer be the funny people in cartoons but rather the monsters that they deserve to be.