Stephanie Cadieux Should Resign!

Stephanie Cadieux: It’s Okay I didn’t know what I was talking about!

“She said that was not explained to the public when she called for an end to the bonus program last fall, because she was unclear how it all worked at the time.”

The above is a statement from Social Development Minister Stephanie Cadieux explaining why the bonuses were simply not taken away from Community Living Executives last fall and instead rolled into their pay packets as raises.

Most people are screaming that it is disgusting that Senior Executives were rewarded after being involved in a scandal and rightly so.

I find it even more incomprehensible to me that this Minister shot her mouth off without knowing how the process worked!

Incomprehensible but not surprising as this is a trait of Christy Clark and her Ministers, namely talking first and thinking second!

Have you had enough of these people yet?