Sean Leslie lets B.C. Liberal Wind Bag Rich Coleman off the hook!

Phew! Leslie could have asked me about all the taxes that went up today!

On a day when the cost of living took a big jump upward in BC, CKNW’s Sean Leslie had the chance to hold accountable B.C. Liberal Wind Bag Rich Coleman for all the various taxes that increased April 1st.

Instead, Leslie pulled out his B.C.Liberal membership card and provided Coleman with yet another platform to stand on a criticize former B.C. Liberal seat mate John Van Dongen.

This comes on the heels of Coleman’s vicious attack on Van Dongen last week.

Between all of the gaffes caused by Coleman’s boss Premier Christy Clark and the minister himself not being able to keep his mouth in check, it sounds like The Clark team ought to hire themselves a Psychologist.

It seems like they are all coming apart at the seams. They could also invite Leslie to join them for a session , it seems that like the Premier, Leslie’s leak story lacks substance!

What do you think?