Quebec Leaders Debate could go along way to deciding election!

Which one of these folks has the most to gain?

The French language leadership debate happens tonight in Quebec and for Jean Charest there really is no tomorrow. If he is to make up ground and surpass the other three parties he must come out swinging and put the boots to Marios and her separatist platform.

The Coaltion Avenir Quebec leader, Francois Legault has to prove to the electorate that his party is a viable alternative to Charest’s Liberals.

He also has to send a message to those people considering parking their votes with knucklehead Marois and the PQ that there is a reasonable more sane place to vote that will include what Quebec wants and no threat of a referendum.

For the Quebec Solidaire and spokesman Francoise David they have to prove to separatists that they actually exist and that they are abetter alternative than the PQ. I believe they are a non-entity in this election.

Marois has to show the people that her party is not made up of Xenophobic racist separatists. For her this is no small order given that’s what her platform reeks of.

Who has the most to lose?

Charest and Marois.

The Coalition Avenir stands to gain the most if Charest and Marois flounder.

They win if Charest looks like he is trying to cover something up and they win if Marois looks like the racist old hag she is.

A good performance by Legault and the election is his to lose.

What do you think?