Premier Adrian Dix

Get your barf bags out!

Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark have screwed things up so much in BC that the Globe and Mail has a story telling the voting public to get ready for Premier Adrian Dix.

To think that the two aforementioned BC Liberals have committed so many gaffes,lies and mistrusts that people will forget the mayhem and damage caused by the NDP in the 1990’s and actually vote NDP ( remember in 2001 anybody you asked denied ever having marked an X For Clark,Dix and the rest of these people).

This is the same Dix who freely admits to sleazily backdating a memo causing his boss to resign in disgrace over the casino scandal.

The same Dix whose list of promises,platforms and ideas would result in tax hikes the likes of which this province has never seen before.

It is beyond comprehension why people would lose their minds and tell pollsters they would vote NDP, never-mind actually following through and doing it.

That in itself is a testament to the mess created by the B.C. Liberals.

Thankfully there are 16 months until the next election and people have still time to snap out of it.

The by-elections in Port Moody and Chilliwack would be good places to start!