Pauline Marois: Election Campaigns are no place for platforms!

Tommy Mulcair: I will save the day; next time.

Sounding a bit like Kim Campbell, Pauline Marois refuses to divulge anything about her party’s platform until at least the leaders debate.

She is taking her lead in the polls and the voters for granted and not saying anything that might trip her up except: She is telling anybody who will listen that she has had a transition team in place for a few weeks.


She and her party have gone on record today saying they don’t care what the courts say, their religion plan is a go!

Add to that:

The threat of an expensive referendum and it begs the question:

Why would anybody in their right mind vote for them?

We will let Tommy Mulcair have the last word:” We think there is a place for us on the Quebec Chessboard

What do you think about all this?