More Lousy Poll Numbers for Premier Dementia.

Premier Clark praying to the gods for better results. It didn't work!

A new Forum poll released tonight shows the NDP well on their way to forming a massive majority government.

The same poll shows the Christy Clark led BC Liberals would be virtually wiped out and reduced to 13 seats.

In the last few weeks since the by-elections ,the BC Liberals have kicked around the idea of changing their name.

The MSM has mused about the merger of the BC Conservatives and The BC Liberals.

This poll shows neither will work with those polled not willing to forget the baggage the Liberals have just because of a name change.

That same baggage ( and the Liberal name) is also responsible for very few Conservatives wanting to merge.

The other problem the BC Liberals have is that Christy Clark is the most inept leader in the history of the province.

The next 12 months will be very interesting in BC politics.

Given all the wanton economic destruction the NDP have caused the few times they have been in power it will be interesting to see if the polling actually translates into votes.

I have to think the voting public is a little smarter than that.

The safe bet would be that some of those votes will be parked with the BC Conservatives.

What do you think?