Latest poll shows Trudeau frontrunner in Liberal Leadership!

42% of Polled Canadians think this is the guy to lead the Liberal Party Back to Prominence. Will the those same people allow their taxes to be increased so that we may build hospital rooms so that they may be committed?

Uh huh. Most Liberals polled will back Justin Trudeau if he runs to become leader of the Liberal Party!

Canadians polled pick Trudeau to be the leader to revive the Liberal Party and restore it to first place ( 40% for Liberals with Trudeau,30% For Conservatives and 21% for the Dippers.

What has always baffled me about politics and leadership contests in general is that Canadians always seem to want the guy who doesn’t want the job.

In Trudeau’s case he has told the Liberal Party some many times, you kind of want to get the barf bag every time they ask the question.

In most Leadership books I have read, one of the top qualities of successful leaders is that they have to want to lead.

If they don’t, no matter how much begging you do when they eventually kowtow to what people want they fail miserably.

There are leaders that say no because while they are chicken, as in Justin probably didn’t want to run against Bob because well he thought Bob would win and didn’t want to go through that.

Chicken because they don’t want to be hammered in the press or by campaign advertising. ( Justin will make a mess of and alienate Western Canadians just like his father did!)

Some have the potential to lead but aren’t ready for the scope of the job that people want them to lead.

I have a hard time envisioning Justin Trudeau on the national stage representing Canada as PM in an emergency economic summit meeting. ( If you are still wondering why revisit the picture at the top of this post)

What about you, do you think Justin Trudeau is leadership material or is he a chicken?