Kim Bolan is too polite to say “More Bullshit from the Premier’s office”

We interupt this program to bring you more bullshit from the Premier's Office!

In a great piece Published in the Vancouver Sun and written by Kim Bolan,she alludes to the contradiction by Tariq ( He who was thrown under the bus in my previous post) that Atwals name was not on the guest list.

Yesterday, as you all know,the Premier’s office took great pains to tell us they did not have time to vet the list and all but said the gangster’s name was there.

Tariq,as the wheels,of the bus drove over his limp body,still took one for the team and said he erred by not informing the Premier’s office he was bringing a different guest!

Nice try Tariq,high marks for the attempt but we now know why you were thrown under the bus. Simply put,you can’t bullshit in the same league as the Premier; you were a loose end.

Whose next?