John van Dongen goes hunting for Big Game!

Christy Clark: I never lie and I never break rules!

John Van Dongen was back in court this week trying to obtain transcripts from the BC Rial debacle.

Included most likely in those papers will be evidence of who knew and leaked what in the controversial case.

It should come as no shock to most of us that have been following events on the blogisphere one such target could turn out to be inept Premier Christy Clark.

It seems however those folks in the mainstream media are starting to wake up to the fact that just maybe Christy Clark has been lying about her involvement all along.

It is both good and bad that we will have to wait until at least September to see what light these papers will shine on the tales Premier Pinocchio has been telling.

The bad would be that perhaps we will have to put up with her until the documents reveal her involvement.

The good will be that it will cause a great big kaboom in the middle of her rename the mafia ,invite the free enterprisers fall convention.

As everything else she has done this is sure to blowup in Clark’s face.

The most recent gaffe would be Clark’s attempt to offer condolences to those families of the missing people.

Perhaps if they hadn’t cut back on the people responsible for investigating this kind of stuff it could have been prevented.

At the very least somebody might have been there to open the email that warned them of the pending tragedy.

But then, I suspect Clark has been too busy covering up her lies to actually worry about families, she more than likely puts herself first.

What do you think?