John van Dongen asks the tough questions!

It takes a tough guy to ask the tough questions!

This week John van Dongen asked the tough question of the government relating to the Basi/Virk file.

Van Dongen knows a thing or two about being tough. He just crossed the floor to party with no seats and hired a lawyer at his own expense to get to the bottom of this mess!

The central question being ” if the act says “A debt or obligation to the government may not be forgiven without the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council [cabinet] if the amount forgiven is $100,000 or more.”,why then were two government flunkies allowed to make a decision relating to a write-off of over 6 million dollars of debt owed to the government?

Doing her best Wally Oppal impression ,Shirley Bond, said the matter was under audit and she would not be prepared to answer that.

If you recall Mr.Oppal used to sound the same only his answer was always’ It’s before the courts,can’t discuss it”

Oppal has since gone on to make a mess of the Missing Women’s Inquiry.

Don Christy Clark and her consigliere Shirley Bond ( if they are going to invite gangsters to budget meetings we should give them proper titles) continue to dodge weave a cover up everything on this file.

In fact look for them to drag this out until the next election,unless John van Dongen gets his way.

This outright corruption,cover up and sleaze is just one of many reasons ( Clark’s leadership another) why a name change in the party won’t make any difference to the Liberals fortunes.

I have said more than once, that when Costra Nostra changed their name to the Mafia, they never fooled anybody. They were still gangsters by any name.

Neither will the BC Liberalanos

What do you think?