I disagree with Christy Clark: Her Leadership is in question!

Christy Clark: My Leadership is not in question, at least in my mind !

Premier Christy Clark says her Leadership is not under question!

I beg to differ!

Harry Bloy resigns amid scandal!

BC place name deal cancelled !

John Van Dongen resigns and crosses the floor!

Senior Ministers Abbot and Falcon openly muse about not running in the next election!

Minister Lekstrom sleeps at the switch and doesn’t read the Price Waterhouse Coopers report on Translink with the consequence that 63,000 farebeaters get away without paying for tickets.

Jaspal Atwal gets a ringside seat at the budget presentation.

Attorney General Shirley Bond tells an out-and-out lie and says the case with the Auditor General is settled out of court when it is not.

B.C.child sex abuse charges stayed due to delays

These are just 8 examples of lack of leadership in the Premier”s office.

If her caucus isn’t openly questioning it, people who really count are. Those would be the taxpayers of BC.

All the polls show that the B.C. Liberals will be turfed out of office in a landslide.

What more will it take the Premier to realize that her Leadership or lack there is the only question ?