Happy Thanksgiving Eh! #bcpoli #jail

Happy Thanksgiving ?

So here we are at the halfway point of the Thanksgiving weekend and I thought I would wish my readers a Happy Thanksgiving and share a couple of events in the first day and a half of the relaxing 3 day food fest.

Firstly last night I broke my rule about being out on the streets after 11. Nothing good ever happens after that time and if i absolutley have to be out I drive never walk.

Problem was I didn’t have the car and I didn’t want to wait for a cab. There were none at the venue I was at and they were quite busy so I thought I’d walk the four and a half kilometers home.

I nearly made it when two blocks from my home this knucklehead wearing lead gloves wants to talk with me. You don’t wear lead gloves fr talking, I am not stupid so I went 3 blocks out of my way at a quit pace ( I ran like hell) and avoided the mayhem.

I woke up a bit stiff today ( That was my second walk of the day and decided I would start off the morning with a walk run to the Petro Canada and grab a coffee.

It took about 25 minutes to get there and in that time the poor kid who works behind the counter and been robbed and traumatized and filled out the police report.

This all for a couple a cartons of smokes.

As I walked home I ran into a passerby, I mentioned that he should be on the lookout for this asshole to which he replied the police probably know who he is. He said he probably had already been arrested earlier in the morning and was likely released by a judge who felt sorry he was locked up when the rest of us were home with our turkeys.

Sadly he was probably right!

It occurred to me with all this talk about hockey violence in the news lately that 5 minutes for fighting and a game misconduct is far worse than you get for robbing a corner store or threatening people with lead gloves.

Shouldn’t there at least be a penalty box for knuckleheads?

Ponder that will you are chowing down on your Thanksgiving Turkeys.

Enjoy the day and thanks for reading.