Denise Savoie Resigns for Health Reasons!

Thank you Denise for your years of service.

Obviously this is a Conservative blog as those who have read it know.

Today I want to change it up a bit and say thank you to Denise Savoie a politician who always represented her profession and her party well.

I met Denise in the offices of Shaw cable back when she was a city councilor in Victoria in the days when Victoria city politics was more rough and tumble than it is now.

We were both at the TV studios for the filming of the candidate bios that Shaw does so well in the run up to the municipal elections. She was a candidate and I was a campaign manager with a nervous candidate.

We were in the waiting room waiting our turn and had time for a small chat. Denise knew her issues and was very nice to me, something that wasn’t common amongst all people politic in Victoria at the time.

She has represented Victoria well and I wanted to say thanks and good luck in the future.

Tom Mulcair will have a hard time recruiting somebody to ably fill your shoes.

All the best!