Criminal legal system in B.C. needs major overhaul ; Who would have guessed!

Christy Clark: What me Worry!

Shocking news today; Geoffrey Cowper released his report on the justice system and it said what we already knew namely that the legal system in BC needs a major overhaul.

Inept Premier Clark created this one man commission to review a justice system that is both prone to meddling from premiers( remember Clark tried to get the hockey riot trials televised) and open to slicing and dicing from political parties when they are looking to save a buck.( remember it was the BC Liberals who cut back on judges and closed court houses earlier on)

This announcement came on the day when 3 more BC Liberals rats jumped from the good ship( not really) SS Christy Clark.

Earlier in the week Kevin Falcon resigned followed today by Abbot,Les and McNeil.

The Premier announced next week there will be cabinet renewal while allowing the three aforementioned rats to maintain their cabinet positions.

Question for the masses: Where on earth ( with earth being her back benches) does Clark think she is going to find people to do this renewal.

Maybe she plans on offloading everything to Shirley Bond?

What do you think, is this the Christy Clark led death spiral we have all been waiting for?