Christy Clark:Amateurish and Sneaky!

Christy Clark: Paper Work? Who Knew?

I could not believe what I was reading this morning in a piece written by Jonathan Fowlie regarding the dismissal of Ken Boessenkool.

Tonight Vaughn Palmer follows that up with an excellent column of hos own describing the premier as amateurish and sneaky.

These are not exactly the qualities the voting public wants in a premier especially with the upcoming debate over the Enbridge pipeline.

It’s not exactly the confidence builder the folks who just left the BC Liberal get pumped from the election convention want to read about either.

It is basic human resources cover your ass stuff to have documented files from everybody that saw,knows and talked about the type of complaint lodged against Mr. Boessenkool.

In fact most companies I have worked for document files on 3 month junior employees just in case.

The type of complaint leveled against Boessenkool, senior employee, is not only documented but referred to legal counsel before anybody gets disciplined let alone canned.

Politics, as even a beginner knows is ass covering 101 so even Clark at the very least knew to get the file going unless as Alex Tsakumis says something worse is hiding behind the proverbial curtain.

Her actions speak more of a senior level employee in over her head and stressed out than a strong leader or Premier for BC.

It also makes you wonder how complicit she might have been in the BC Rail case, for amateurish and sneaky are qualities somebody trying to cover up that fiasco would have too!

What do you think?