Christy Clark: The Country gets a look at the Charlatan of BC!

Christy Clark AKA Cruella Deville ; I am what I am!

Every village has its idiot and British Columbia’s is on the national stage attempting to extort money from the rest of the country for a project she has yet to take an official stance on.

She refuses to take a stance on the project but uses baffle gab like ” It will be terrible for the environment but for the right price we can over look it. ( That in itself is a rendition of the old joke” I know what you are now it’s a matter of haggling over price”)

Clark’s position on the Enbridge project is telling of her character,something that those of us that live in BC have been subjected to for quite some time.

She is a devout socialist, something that comes through every-time she says no pipeline or blockade.

She is a phony and has talked about native treaty rights so much lately it won’t be long before she utters those famous words. You know” In my heart I am a six nations person”

She claims she wants her ” Fair Share” for BC but refuses to say what the “Fair Share” is. When questioned Clark’s reply is that she does not want to negotiate the project in the press.

In truth and in fact that just shows what a liar Clark is, her public rebuttal of Allison Redford is exactly that; a public attempt to get Redford to give up some of the royalties.

I have said before that Clark and the BC Liberals biggest fear is that somebody will take her up on it and want to talk.

If that happened Clark and team would have to take a position one way or another. Something they desperately want to avoid.

This whole public discourse is Clark’s futile attempt to find a so-called wedge issue to prop up her dead carcass in the polls.

It won’t work and now the whole country is getting to see the laughing-stock we refer to as Premier.

In fact even Kevin Falcon himself did his best to get her off the front page when he unveiled the deficit today.

What do you think? Is Clark a bad joke?