Christy Clark Fumbles her way through yet another News Conference!

How many times do I have to answer that Question ? How about until you answer it you blockhead!

I never started this blog as a open window to the world on what an idiot we have as a Premier but Christy Clark makes this too easy.

Case in point: Today, in this the week of Clark rolling out old announcements trying to make them look new, she couldn’t answer a simple question about how much money she was committing to the so-called St.Paul’s redevelopment project.

She told reporters a number of times she had already answered the question but of course she hadn’t. She was finally able to come up with an answer but what was galling was that she actually thought she answered it.

Even worse when repeatedly asked to go on record with an answer she got lippy with reporters.

She is such a dolt that she can’t remember from one word to the next what she says.

This kind of off the cuff stuff from Clark gives credence to the story that she makes this crap up as she goes along.

About the only bright side is that if the BC Liberals leave Clark in as leader we will have another 11 months of this unintended slapstick provided by the hapless Premier.

Does the fact that the Premier is a dope make you laugh or cry?