Christy Clark and the Penguins: A photo op for two vanishing species!

Penguin: Whats wrong with these women,why wreck my Monday?

Christy Clark and Margaret MacDiarmid will interrupt the Vancouver Aquariums daily schedule for a photo-op advising British Columbians the chosen day in February for the new costly holiday.

As if anybody really cares which day it is.

In fact Vancouverites are more concerned with gas prices,coast guard closings and the like to waste a lot of time caring which day the holiday falls on.

There will likely be a lot of BS about having it at a different time that The US Presidents day long weekend.

With all the recent April 1st tax increases,coupled with the hidden BC Hydro increase you will get hammered with( after the election),people will be to scared to spend what little money they have.

Clark won’t speak about the Coast guard closing. ( She’s waiting for a study)

She won’t talk about where she stands on the pipeline. ( She’s waiting for a study)

The press and the penguins will be there. One has no choice the other will waiting for Clark to go off message and say something stupid as she usually does.

About the only thing fitting about tomorrow’s photo-op is the location in that it will further remind people that Clark and her BC Liberal team are vanishing species just like some of the Aquariums inhabitants.

What do you think?

Is this photo-op one great big waste of time?