Canada: Becoming a Culture of Riots : Part 2

They aren't wearing any clothes,so show them a water cannon!

A few short weeks ago I wrote a post entitled Canada:Becoming a culture of Riots?

It is becoming evident that I should have entitled it Canada: Becoming a Culture of Idiots what with the recent goings on in Montreal and the dopes protesting in the near nude.

These idiots are not only interfering with one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions ( Montreal Grand Prix) but are also getting in the way of events where the so-called Elites are fundraising for a Children’s hospital.

Not only that but these morons are wasting copious amounts of taxpayers dollars given the cops don’t work for free.

You and I probably pay for these BLOCheads because most of them are either on welfare or collecting UIC.

Wonder where Pauline Marois and the PQ stand on this now?

I think we should bring out the water cannons and flush em all into the St. Lawrence.

What do you think?