BY-Elections Called-Time for a change-time to send a message to Premier Clark!

Time for a Change!

Finally the by-elections have been called, now what.

The people have 28 days to send a message to the B.C. Liberal government and in my mind the choice is simple. A vote for Christy Clark, her team , Adrian Dix and the BCNDP is a vote for more of the same high tax and spend governments of the past 20 years or a vote for refreshing change.

John Cummins , John Martin and Christine Clarke of the B.C. Conservatives is just that.Honest open government that is accountable to the people. A vote for the B.C. Conservatives is like a vote for your wallet.

Hang on to your hard-earned money and on April 19th vote for positive change!

Send a message to Clark and Dix : tell them we are not going to take it anymore!