Jeff Bridge is a seasoned political veteran who has managed all levels of the political spectrum outside of elected office. He has spent time in the backrooms of Federal,Provincial and Municipal politics right across Canada.He has held Senior positions including Campaign manager,Nominations Chair , Fundraising Chair and Area co-chair of leadership campaign ( Prime Minister Harper’s leadership co-chair in Southern Vancouver island).

He has served various roles at the riding association level including EDA and Riding President,director at large,volunteer chair etc.

He has worked with people of all political persuasion as demonstrated by his role leading the tri party campaign in the Charlottetown accord in Regina Wascana ( 1 of only 2 ridings to vote yes in Canada).

In his former role as Vice President of the Conservative Party of Saskatchewan ,he also visited caucus regularly providing insight into events and issues that affected the community.

Mr.Bridge played a Senior Fundraising role in Ontario during the Mike Harris Common Sense Government of the 1990’s.

He has filled a number of rolls within the BC Liberal Party,with the most recent being the fundraising chair of Mary Polak’s successful 2009 election campaign.

Most recently he was the Campaign Manager of the British Columbia Conservative Party ( 2013 election)

Bridge served as Campaign Manager on a few campaigns in the 2015 Federal election.

His blog is his professional insight into what is happening,what it means and what could happen next.

Bridge’s opinions and insight are his and not tied to any political party whatsoever.