BC Politics: Legislature won’t be Recalled in the Fall But that’s not what is Important!

Christy Clark: I will say whatever it takes to get elected!

I spent the day listening to news reports and call in shows asking people how they felt about the legislature not being recalled in the fall. Do they care was the question on cutting edge of the ledge ( Bill good show).

I think the question was framed wrong. It shouldn’t be do you care that the legislature is not sitting this fall but rather this: Do you care that your premier campaigned on a promise to hold more sessions in the house once she was elected and then broke that promise?

Quite frankly I think the general public could care less whether the legislature sits given all the nonsense that goes on in that venue.

I do however think that the public cares about whether their Premier lies during a campaign.

This is not the first time she has broken a campaign promise, remember the promise of returning gaming funds to the arts.

This is an important question to debate now especially in the run-up to a general election.

You should ask yourself in light of this how truthful will anything she says during the May 2013 election campaign be?

So I ask you which is more important: holding a fall session or keeping promises during election campaigns?

What do you think?