BC Conservative Leadership Results- It’s Cummins!

71% say Good Job John!

Well the numbers are in.

1115 BC Conservatives cast ballots. This is a huge number of people who got involved.

788 BC Conservatives ( 71%) said John Cummins should not be subject to a leadership review!

Conservatives in the hall united in applause,as the party pledges to move forward and capture seats in the upcoming May election.

On the heels of this historic win Cummins and team proposed via a news release major changes to the rules governing sittings in the Victoria legislature.

Most notably the fall sitting, under a BC Conservative Government,will be used as a means to scrutinize expenditures relating to taxpayers dollars.

Deputy Ministers, Crown Corporation executives and the like will be called to face committees not only to account for expenditures for the previous years but also to answer for projections for the upcoming year.

A novel concept, the house being used for serious government business.

The May 2013 election just got interesting. The electorate now has a chance to vote for real change !

What do you think?