B.C. Liberal Sleaze and Bullshit continues…

Just like the HST the Liberals are up to their sneaky bullshit again!

What a load of crap!

The Premier, in hiding in Ottawa, still does not have the decency or the nerve to call the by-elections in either of Chilliwack or Port Moody.

In typical B.C. Liberal fashion though, The B.C.Liberal Campaign team carries on the tradition of sleaze and BS and installs campaign signs before the by-election is called.

Nobody else would do this except for Christy Clark and her band of sleazy campaigners.

This is an act of smugness and should insult the intelligence of voters everywhere.

How many times can these people break the rules before taxpayers and voters say enough is enough!

When the by-election is called send a message; Give them the boot!

Don’t you agree?