A fresh load of crap from Christy Clark,the Premier without a plan.

Larry,Moe and Curly Joe

In exciting news Rich Coleman has inherited online gaming; oh yes he already has that.

Shirley Bond had her two roles combined into one;oh yea it already is. This is the same Shirley Bond ,who yesterday rehired or reappointed a portion of the judges that her government laid off that started this bottle neck in the courts.

The Premier was flabbergasted at the backlog in the courts;oh yea we knew that and yes with her nauseating discussion in the courts about adding cameras to cover the hockey riots she is adding to the back log herself.

Our fearless Premier,charging out for another photo-op says she is going to get to the bottom of this without throwing money at the problem. That is if you don’t count the almost $200,000 she is throwing out to the lawyers overseeing her project. Dean at BC Blue also reminds us that this same firm is a heavy contributor to the BC Liberal campaign and caused the taxpayers another great expense when one of their own was removed as a special prosecutor after having failed to disclosed donations to the MLA he was investigating.

The Vancouver sun says:Christy Clark announces measures to improve B.C. justice system. Actually No she hasn’t done anything of the sort,she is studying the problem.

John Martin,BC Conservative Candidate in Chilliwack says it best “Clearly this government has no plan, no blueprint to repair the ailing justice system,” says Martin. “Two weeks ago, the Attorney General emphatically stated there was no money to hire new judges. Twenty-four hours ago, they suddenly could afford to appoint nine judges.”

Given that Clark hired a lawyer to review the system, Martin would be correct: There is no plan or they would be doing something about it!