BC Liberals Via BC Hydro : Liars,Bullies or Both? #bchydro #bcpoli #bccp2013 #nosmartmeters

Borrowed this picture from a reader!

I got a message on my cell phone to call BC Hydro immediately.

Once I got to my office I returned the call.

Me: Hello it’s Jeff Bridge I got an urgent call from you, what’s up?

BC Hydro Employee or Call center employee I am not sure which: Thank you Mr. Bridge I was calling to let you know you are the last person left in BC That does not have a smart Meter installed.

Me: Really the last person?

BCHE: Yup and we would like to send somebody out and get that job finished today. Is it convenient?

Me: No ( in hysterics ) in fact I can tell you for fact that I am not the last person who doesn’t have a smart meter/

BCHE: You are

Me: No my neighbor doesn’t have one either as evidenced by the sign covering his old meter telling you to stay off his yard and not to install one. Do I have to walk down the street and do a meter count and make you look even worse. I have no intention of dealing with you any further because you lied and I am not in the habit of dealing with liars.

I wonder how many other people received calls like this?

What could be stupider given all the press over all the that people have refused smart meters.

Is it any wonder that is the approach they would take with their customers given the example set by the current government? ( Just look at the recent round of phone calls on the Surrey Casino project as evidence of how they do business)

They must have all been trained by Rich Coleman.

What next?

Threats in the budget lock up?

Rich Coleman:So Just Who Will Feel The Wrath Of the Bully During Election 2013? #bcpoli #bccp2013 #bully

BC Liberal Campaign Training

First this post assumes two things, namely that there will be an election in BC in May 2013 and secondly that Rich Coleman will run again.

Neither of these two are gimmes given BC’s political climate and the party and province’s distaste for the Premier and Liberal leader Christy Clark.

It is possible that when the house returns, the majority Liberals will move (due to some manufactured calamity like Clark being deposed/ disposed of as leader) to introduce legislation to move ahead the fixed election date.

It is also not a gimme that Richie C will run again ( despite the blustery BS from him to the contrary) given the fact that he will most certainly be relegated to the back benches.

Also remember that a mere 6 months or so after the provincial election, nominations and preparations will begin for the next federal election. This is an election where the Prime Minister has pledged open nominations in all seats including Conservative bastions where Coleman resides and votes.He could find that enticing!

Also Clark could get the boot which also might look attractive to Coleman to make a run for her job too under and different election date.

But should things stay on course and we have an election in May, just exactly who might feel the wrath of Rich Coleman just a few scant months from now?

For the answer to that you need look no farther than the recent BC Liberal leadership campaign.

If you recall Coleman mulled over a run for the roses back then and changed his mind.

Ever wonder why that was?

One reason: Mary Polak bailed on him and threw her support behind Kevin Falcon.

Think Coleman has forgotten?

There is about as much chance of that as Polak forgetting that Coleman actually helped put a lot of money in her campaign in 2009 ( nothing untoward, it’s just how the BC Liberals do things).

Not a chance that will happen this time, nor will the volunteers from Coleman’s crew pitch in and help her out either.

Nope, Polak will have more to worry about than the specter of Cummins, the BC Conservatives,Green Party and the NDP to take her seat away.

She will have to spend her days wondering where Rich Coleman will strike next!

Don’t feel sorry for her , she of all people should have known what Coleman was like.

Christy Clark: Leadership Vacuum at the Top!

Christy Clark: In my heart I belong on a Bollywood stage

The optics of last nights Bollywood spending spree by the premier were awful.

The Christy Clark BC Liberal Government pledges $11 million dollars for the copycat film awards ( BC lost the real McCoy days earlier) and in vain attempt to save face, Clark and her handlers picked the occasion of a town hall meeting to “Save BC Film” to make her announcement.

Of course Bollywood investment is important but there is a time and a place to make the big splash. The night when your own film industry meets to find solutions to save the industry from disappearing is not it.

Not only do the people of BC film feel like they got a slap in the face but it gives Clark an excuse for not showing up and answering the tough questions that these folks might have.

Clark does this a lot as evidenced by her making a You tube video instead of showing up at the Coast Guard rally this past weekend.

This is nothing more than the kind of weak leadership we have come to expect from Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Government.

We deserve better!

Christy Clark:Where is She and for that Matter Where is the MSM ?

You have just as much chance of locating Christy Clark as you do the MSM. Look hard enough and you might at least find Waldo!

Once again Premier Christy Clark disappears when it’s time to get into the tough discussions. Last week it was Fostergate and this week it’s Slatergate.

Where is the Premier when top notch leadership is needed?

For that matter where is the MSM?

Clark’s office says they cannot not support Slater due to personal reasons.

Given the Liberals track record with sludge and scandal one can only wonder how bad those reasons are.

Once again however, the MSM is MIA and the Slater story is already on its way to the bottom of the page.

What’s with that?

Had this been a scandal involving the NDP ( Such as the leader of the opposition skipping out on a fare) it might headline for a day.

Go figure.

Miss Congeniality Once Again Pleads Guilty for Her Actions at the Hockey Riots.

There is nothing to rate her Miss Congeniality after her performance at the Vancouver Hockey Riots!

First she plead guilty, then she changed her mind. Now Sophie Laboissonniere is now back to pleading guilty for her actions during the hockey riots in Vancouver.

Apart from the terrible example she set for young people looking up to her, she has abused the court system with her flip-flopping on whether she is guilty or not.

The judge should set an example in this case and give her some time.

After all she has wasted enough of ours hasn’t she?

BC Liberals to Give Auditor-General John Doyle the High Hard One? #bccp2013 #bcpoli #canpoli

de Jong: One less hurdle between me and the budget!

According to the Vancouver Sun, the scandal plagued BC Liberal Government is about to send Auditor-General John Doyle packing and not renew his contract.

That the BC Liberal Government would do this should not shock anybody!

Doyle has held the Liberals feet to the fire over such things as deferral accounts for BC Hydro and Christy Clark’s favorite file, the BC Rail case.

In the latter, Doyle has been trying to gain access to documents related to the $6 million dollar legal fees that the government wrote off regarding Basi and Virk.

Applications for new applicants must be received by January 25,2013 and John Van Dongen need not apply.

He will be the only one left going to court to get the aforementioned documents as I would imagine anybody with an ounce of integrity will be screened out during the interview process.

The lucky applicant will also be too busy during the early stages of his or her new appointment to review any of the hogwash the Liberals will no doubt bring forth in their pre-election budget.

You also have to remember that this is BC Politics in action and this committee has to vote unanimously,secretly and without accountability to renew his contract , so I would also take with a grain of salt what the NDP will say happened. Their people could have also voted against renewal to ensure the Liberals looked stupid.

Only in BC!