John van Dongen goes hunting for Big Game!

Christy Clark: I never lie and I never break rules!

John Van Dongen was back in court this week trying to obtain transcripts from the BC Rial debacle.

Included most likely in those papers will be evidence of who knew and leaked what in the controversial case.

It should come as no shock to most of us that have been following events on the blogisphere one such target could turn out to be inept Premier Christy Clark.

It seems however those folks in the mainstream media are starting to wake up to the fact that just maybe Christy Clark has been lying about her involvement all along.

It is both good and bad that we will have to wait until at least September to see what light these papers will shine on the tales Premier Pinocchio has been telling.

The bad would be that perhaps we will have to put up with her until the documents reveal her involvement.

The good will be that it will cause a great big kaboom in the middle of her rename the mafia ,invite the free enterprisers fall convention.

As everything else she has done this is sure to blowup in Clark’s face.

The most recent gaffe would be Clark’s attempt to offer condolences to those families of the missing people.

Perhaps if they hadn’t cut back on the people responsible for investigating this kind of stuff it could have been prevented.

At the very least somebody might have been there to open the email that warned them of the pending tragedy.

But then, I suspect Clark has been too busy covering up her lies to actually worry about families, she more than likely puts herself first.

What do you think?

Christy Clark’s Families First Agenda takes another Hit!

We are reviewing take a number please!

So whatever happened to picking up the phone and talking with another ministry.

Why does everything have to be reviewed ad nausea?

Case in point:Three provinces ( Ontario,Quebec and Saskatchewan) fund a breast cancer test that examines genes and helps predict whether breast cancer will return to patients that have formerly had the disease.

In BC if a women wants to get this test done,it costs her and her family $4,000 out of her or her family’s pocket.

The outcome of this test is used by doctors as a tool to decide whether or not Chemotherapy should be undertaken.

The Oncologists changed their mind 30% of the time as a result of findings this test provided.

Seems like a good test and a great deal for families having to go through the torture of Chemotherapy.

In Christy Clark’s BC calling the other provinces who fund the test and asking for faxed copies of their studies does not appear to be an option.

They will undertake yet another review ( you remember we are reviewing the justice system?)

You would think a government with a family first agenda who sucks in the polls would get on this a little quicker.

That is if they really cared about families.

What do you think?

Why do Young British Columbians Veer Left?

a blog piece by Jesse Donovan that does not mention inept premier Christy Clark even once!

Today,Special Guest Jesse Donovan joins us for a discussion that asks the question :

Why do Young British Columbians Veer Left?

In 2010, after nearly a decade of BC Liberal rule, the youth unemployment rate in British Columbia had reached a staggering 13.8 percent. This was the highest it had been in the past seven years.
Under the BC Liberal Government, young British Columbians have faced many obstacles to their economic success. High unemployment, slow wage growth, and a disproportionate amount of part-time labour are some of the severe threats to the financial well-being of young British Columbians.
Under the BC Liberal government, young British Columbians have not only had to deal with high unemployment, but also incredibly slow wage growth. Between 2007 and 2010, the weekly wages of BC Youth have grown around 20 times slower than the weekly wages of British Columbians aged 25-54.
British Columbia is the anomaly among the successful Western Provinces. Young Canadians from Alberta and Saskatchewan have fared relatively well under their Conservative governments. While all Western Provinces experienced rising youth unemployment from 2008 to 2010, BC’s was by far the highest. Between 2008 and 2010, British Columbia’s youth unemployment rate increased by 5.8%. This is over twice as much as Manitoba’s increase and almost three times more than Saskatchewan in the same period.
Many young British Columbians are concerned and angry about their seemingly bleak economic future. They are right to be concerned and their anger is justified. There is, however, a worrying trend in how young people are directing these emotions.
Instead of demanding that governments remove impediments to success such as high taxes and cumbersome overregulation of business, young Canadians are responding to their economic insecurity by demanding extreme left-wing reforms to our economic system. Such reforms include levying enormous taxes on successful individuals and placing crippling regulatory measures on British Columbia’s businesses.
The misdirection of their anger was visible during the ‘Occupy Vancouver’ protests. These protests were led by youth who were concerned about their financial well-being and the future of their Nation. However, instead of putting the blame on the high taxes created by left-wing governments and regulatory red tape that impedes job creation, the protesters blamed successful Canadians and corporations.
The latest Provincial polling provides another example of a significant portion of young British Columbians favouring risky, left-wing economics. The most recent Angus Reid poll shows that the BC New Democratic Party will capture one out of every two voters between the ages of 18-34.
The future of our Province lies in the hands of BC’s youth. Will young British Columbians realize that a combination of low taxes and small government is the only path to economic freedom and success or will BC continue its path to becoming a left-wing economic basket-case like Spain or even Greece?
Hope is not lost for the future of conservatism in British Columbia. Fostering youth involvement in conservative politics will energize the current conservative movement as well as prepare the future conservative leaders of our Province and our Nation. The BC Conservative Youth Association has been created to accomplish these two goals. The movement is gaining in strength and support and will seek to counter the influence of the political left in British Columbia in the long-term future.

What do you think?

Jesse Donovan is a Political Science student at the University of Toronto. He was born and raised in North and West Vancouver. Jesse has served in the Canadian Armed Forces since 2010. Currently, he works as a Summer Intern for the BC Conservative Party. Jesse is also the President and Founder of the BC Conservative Youth Association, a grassroots organization for young conservatives in BC.

Christy Clark Loses Another One!

Murray Coell: A Classy Guy!

Speculation has been mounting in the press in recent weeks whether Murray Coell, Saanich North and the Islands MLA would leave politics.

Today he confirmed that we would not run again and joins the growing list of MLAs bailing on Clark!

I did a lot of volunteer work in the old days ( 2001-2004) in Coell’s riding and wish him every success!

Coell is a good guy who works very hard for his constituents and the BC Liberal Caucus will miss him.

( I know you guys will probably comment that I should wash my mouth out with soap for saying nice things about a BC Liberal)

Who will give Clark the high hard one next? Falcon? Coleman?

At this rate one of these guys could leave before the weekend!

What are your thoughts?

Another Poll Another nail in Christy Clark’s Coffin!

The Liberal Vancouver sun continues to run the picture used for affair l’farebeat forgetting that most people would prefer to throw Clark under that train rather than hold Dix accountable for his actions.

Angus Reid released the most damning poll of all for the future on the Clark BC Liberals and for Premier Christy Clark herself!

Not only does the poll show that the BC Conservatives are on the rise ( up 3%) but it also tells the tale of the women voter.

You would think that Clark would have the market cornered on that segment of the population but not so, she has lost that too!

The worst news for Clark and crew to come out of the Angus Reid research?

That would be the numbers that say people feel Dix and the socialists are better able to manage the economy.

I will say that again so there is no mistake: Polled Voters think a bunch of socialists are better able to manage the economy than the supposed Free enterprise Chumpion Clark.

Not only that, the poll goes on to say that 55% of those folk’s opinion of Clark has worsened!

Furthermore 64% of those people disapprove of the way she does the job.

No wonder Dave Hayer didn’t say thanks!

How bad is that?

If the BC Liberal Executive has pulled themselves up off the floor and are paying attention: this poll spells the end of Christina Joan Clark.

You cannot and will not form government in the next election.

In fact the momentum is now with the BC Conservatives!

This poll also sends a message to Peter Brown and it would be : Mr.Brown you are backing the wrong horse!

What do you think?

Another MLA Says Good Bye and thanks everybody except Christy Clark!

Hayer: If I just give her a swift kick in the ass it would solve a lot of problems for a lot of people!

Long time MLA Dave Hayer bid provincial politics good-bye today and he like most of the cast before him thanked everybody except Premier Christy Clark. ( Cue Kash Heed’s swan song)

Hayer even took time in his statement to thank Gordon Campbell.

It wasn’t that long ago the BC Liberal Caucus Crew couldn’t get rid of Campbell fast enough and now on the way out they give him plaudits.

It just shows you how low Clark has taken the party when those leaving don’t bother to say thanks.

Kind of makes you think they are all leaving because of her. ( They are 67% of the voting public don’t trust her,why should her caucus)

Hayer’s middle finger to Clark is even more significant than Heed’s, after all they worked together when the BC Liberals first came to power!

Who will go through the revolving door next at Chez Christy Clark Liberals?

Do you have any idea?

Christy Clark tosses Communication Team Member 11 Under the Bus!

This picture is getting worn out from over use!

Another communications staffer has been tossed under the BC Liberal Bus. This takes Christy Clark’s body count to 11.

This is leadership at its weakest as poor leader’s tend to blame underlings for their faults.

Just ask Clark mentor Stockwell Day.

You recall as a leader of the Canadian Alliance he threw one of his staffers under the bus for the research gaffe on which way the Niagara river flowed.

Given how quiet Clark has been in the last week, you might think party executive is getting ready to toss her under the bus as well. ( And so they should)

Is it any wonder these people are so low in the polls?

From the trenches, More Reach Out Nonsense from the BC Liberals!

We are Not Interested!

The day after the by-elections back in April the BC Liberals attempted to ” Reach Out” to several BC Conservative Party Board members.

They were told in no uncertain terms to take a hike.

Repeatedly BC Conservative Party Leader John Cummins has stated that the party has no intention to marge with the failing BC Liberal Government.

For one thing a lot of people in the BC Conservative Party are not just disaffected Federal Conservatives looking for a home but the party is also made up of people who have had enough with the current political system.

The BC Liberals ( We are not Liberals folks) would like to think that the Conservatives are the sole reason for their defeat in the by-elections and are the main reason the corrupt governing party will lose the next election.

If the truth be known,if the BC Conservatives did not exist and there was no other alternative, the BC Liberals would still get wiped out in the May 2013 election.

The only vote splitting that will happen will be by the downward trending BC Liberals and that issue was addressed recently by Rick Peterson in an excellent op=ed piece in the Vancouver Sun and redistributed on this blog.

Today the inept BC Liberals and their supporters attempted to once again ” Reach Out” board members and supporters via a letter from the desk of Peter Brown :

This letter insults all Conservative people under the BC Conservative Umbrella. It as if it is our fault that the supposed coalition has split apart.

Mr. Brown, Inept Premier Clark and the BC Liberal Crew need to take a good solid look in the mirror.

What the will see is their former leader hammered on a Hawaiian vacation, their new inept leader tee heeing her way through photo ops the whole time up to her arm pits in BC Rail,sleazily introducing and dragging out the HST and other assorted and sundry bull shit too numerous to name in this blog piece.

The BC Liberals had 11 years in government and they blew it. They will go out in infamy,their legacy will be corruption and sleaze.

They had a wonderful opportunity when first elected in 2001 and they have flushed it down the toilet.

The BC Conservatives on the other hand stand for honesty, integrity and accountability.They stand for reduced taxes and increased employment.

Why on earth would any BC Conservative in his or her right mind want to join a party like the BC Liberals?

The Clark BC Liberal Government Ranks with Quebec as the most distrusted Provincial Government in Canada!

You wish now you hadn’t kick me out so soon don’t ya. I was the straw that stirred the LIberal drink! Now look what you are left with!

Think about that for a moment.

In a new poll released today 67% of British Columbians polled do not trust their Provincial Government. ( Where on gods green earth did the pollsters find anybody that trusted them, it must have been Liberal family member day to answer the phone)

By that very number the Clark BC Liberals are toast!

All the Mike Morton’s in the….Never Mind you can’t trust him either!

This poll,in light of more BC Rail Documents just released will actually flatter Clark and her lying Liberal team.

As far as poll numbers go, they will get worse.

Single digits here we come!

They will soon be shouting bring back Gordo!

It’s over, stick a fork in it Christy.

What if the LDB sale is shadier than BC Rail?

You will be “Striking” mad if my what if scenario with the LDB comes true!

What if the dating of the Liquor Distribution Branch sale is all smoke and mirrors?

What if the lucky winner has already been decided?

What if Rich Coleman giving the file to Margaret MacDiarmid is a great big shell game?

What if a deal was signed before Mr.Kinsella deregistered as a lobbyist?

What if the process was fixed on May 11,2012?

What if this whole thing is a bigger hosing of the taxpayer than BC Rail?

What if this sale is purely to project a balanced budget and for no other reason?

What if even this doesn’t balance the budget due to some other tom foolery that you don’t find out about until after the election?

How duped will you feel then?