Premier Christy Clark: Could she be anymore disconnected with voters?

I am not going to answer that on the grounds that every time I talk I sound dumber than the last time!

Every time Christy Clark opens her mouth she proves over and over again she has no clue what the electorate is thinking.

Yesterday in Kamloops she declared that the 2013 election will be about the economy not the HST.

Clark has not figured out that in the upcoming election the main issue has already been defined for her.

It will not be about the economy nor will it be directly about the HST.

Thinking the election will be about the economy shows Clark’s disconnect with the voters and explains why she is so far behind in the polls.

THIS ELECTION WILL BE ABOUT HONESTY AND INTEGRITY something her party is lacking severely .

It will be a referendum on a combination of things including but not limited to HST, BC Rail, Leadership etc. ( Probably by then you can throw in the sale of the Liquor Distribution branch as a sleazy way to balance the budget).

It also shows why I think the party will consider a quick leadership change.

Going into an election with Clark as your leader would be akin to going into the battle of Little Big Horn and putting all your money on General George Armstrong Custer.

We all know how that turned out.

Seems the MSM is also starting to think a leadership change may occur as evidenced in the Times Colonist yesterday.

Make no mistake about it, With Clark as leader the Liberals will get trounced at the ballot box.

You know it, I know it and more importantly the BC Liberals know it!

A leadership change is imminent!

What do you think?

Vote Splitting Canard!

Rick Peterson

Rick Peterson, nomination candidate for the BC Conservatives in Vanouver-Quilchena, steps in this morning to explain the myth of vote splitting in BC.This originally appeared in the Vancouver Sun. Here is the piece in it’s entirety!

On Tuesday, B.C. Conservative leader John Cummins addressed a sellout crowd from the business community at a major fundraising luncheon in downtown Vancouver. I’d like to follow up with a look at the vote-splitting argument that the B.C. Liberals are flinging about in the business community with increasing desperation as polling results seem to indicate a death-spiral for their party in this province.

This vote-splitting thesis is, in reality, a “canard” — a false report that is deliberately misleading.

Purveyors of this myth love to point to 1996 and the vote split that resulted in the provincial NDP victory — keeping in mind that the NDP retained power that year, and didn’t come from opposition.

It’s a convenient argument, but a closer look shows that the those orchestrating this canard are using the wrong election to draw parallels and are also historically incorrect in using 1996 as an analogy.

The 1991 provincial election is best comparable to the one upcoming in May next year because both feature a long-in-the-tooth, very unpopular, crumbling governing party. The incumbent 1991 Socreds and today’s Liberals both tossed out old leaders and exchanged them for untried and overwhelmed replacements (Rita Johnson in ’91 and Christy Clark today) in a search for renewal. In both cases the parties slumped further.

Like the 1991 campaign, today’s features a rising opposition NDP that had not been in power for well over a decade, and therefore ripe for taking advantage of voter amnesia. Both periods also feature a resurgent and well-organized third party, with a long respected history in the province, which has not governed or elected MLA’s in decades.

In 1991, Gordon Wilson was leading the B.C. Liberals. The party had been in the political wilderness for ages, had not elected an MLA since 1975 and had not formed government since 1941. (Sound familiar? B.C. Conservatives have not governed since 1933.)

Just as today, in 1991 voters were leaving the governing party and were looking for alternatives. Just as today the coalition was failing because the party holding that alliance was floundering.

On the televised debates in 1991, Gordon Wilson scored a major blow when he interrupted Rita Johnson and Mike Harcourt and said, “This is why nothing gets done in Victoria.” It was a moment many of us remember. The coalition began to coalesce again, to a degree, around Gordon Wilson and the B.C. Liberals.

However, in the following general election, latent Socred voters handed the election to the NDP. The Socreds were decimated, receiving 351,000 votes and only seven seats.

The B.C. Liberals came from nowhere, winning 17 seats and 486,000 votes. The NDP won 51 seats and a majority with only 110,000 more votes than the B.C. Liberals.

The problem was that not enough voters realized, early enough, that the coalition needed to coalesce under the new B.C. Liberal tent. They didn’t realize until it was too late that the old regime was long gone.

The 1996 election, which simply kept the NDP in power, offered completely different dynamics.

By that point Gordon Wilson had lost an internal race and Gordon Campbell had taken over the B.C. Liberals. A group of marginalized and bitter Socreds, who had been defeated badly in the 1991 election, instead of joining the growing coalition, migrated to the B.C. Reform Party.

At the same time, another defeated and disgruntled politician, Gordon Wilson, started the Progressive Democratic Alliance (PDA).

In the subsequent election, the combination of votes siphoned off to these two parties (nine per cent for Reform and six per cent for the PDA) allowed the NDP to remain in power.

In both 1991 and 1996 it was those who still believed in the old coalition tent that handed the election, and the province, to the NDP. It was not those who understood that a new tent was required where everyone needed to regroup.

So history and mathematics are both providing us guidance and giving us the data needed not to make the same mistake twice. Unlike 1991 when the NDP were at 39 per cent in the polls, they are now at 50 per cent.

The danger is clear and present. A new free enterprise coalition will be formed sooner or later in B.C., and history tells us it will not take place under the fading B.C. Liberals.

The clear alternative is the Conservatives.

It’s only a question of when it happens. If free enterprise supporters look at history, and ignore the quacking of the vote-splitting canards, they will see that this needs to happen before next May — not after.

Read more:

Why the Liberals won’t win the next election: They think they are Better than Everybody!

Terry Becker is too good to shop here!

The BC Liberals have always talked and acted like they are above everybody else.

They try to be smug and convey to people that they are better.

Recently, potential candidate Terry Becker was interviewed by on-line publication Pitt Meadows today

What conveyed that my you know what doesn’t stink , the I am better and above you attitude so prevalent with the BC Liberals and their candidates is this ” Personally, I do not shop at Walmart. I believe that this kind of business does not help our community.”

What a dope!

Walmart not only creates jobs in the community but Terry might be surprised to know a lot of people that shop and work there ACTUALLY VOTE!

Not the type to vote for her of course because , well, she is too good to shop there.

In fact Walmart shoppers and workers everywhere in BC ought to pay heed: The BC Liberals don’t like you!

So Terry if you run for the nomination ( If time allows and you are not busy tweeting from BC Liberal golf tournaments) and the BC Liberal members are dumb enough to vote for you, you deserve what you will get at the ballot box, namely a third or fourth place finish and a hasty exit from politics.

Have we not had our fill of this type of political wanna be?

Christy Clark; Family First Agenda takes a Few More Hits!

Where is Clark?

For a Premier who claims to have a family friendly, family first agenda she made a couple of decisions today that boggle the mind.

First her government cancelled the Cuts the Science World Program for kids and the with a shot at helping families in the Sicamous region she decides not to visit the area and look at the damage.

Even Dalton McGuinty is more politically astute than Clark.

Last year in an election campaign that was very close he took advantage of the Goderich tornado to give that area some badly needed help.He went on to win the election,the optics of this were that good.

You would have thought Christy ( Miss Photo-Op) Clark would have been front and center outside the Science Center renewing the contract or at least in a canoe in the Okanogan region offering help.

You would have thought these two would have been no-brainers for the family first agenda.

Could it be that Clark is too busy filling up her gas tank? Another family first faux pas as the price to drive the kids to school goes up by a cent a litre with the increase in the carbon tax.

Bottom Line: No matter what spin they put on it there is no family first agenda.

These people are riding out the remaining 10 months or so in hiding.

Just like Clark is doing today when she could be helping families first!

What do you think?

How do you spell Screwed?

How “Bold” is that?


As in worse than people thought

As in 5,000 jobs lost

As in delaying the introduction of technology that may not be relevant if and when they get around to it.

As in time to ditch the Blackberry and switch to Android or Iphone

As in Sha na na na way hey goodbye

What do you think?

The markets today? Broke even.

What will the markets think tomorrow?

Basi: I ain’t no Adrian Dix!

David Basi: No Choirboy but No Adrian Dix either!

So with all the discussion about the memo written by David Basi, what if he thought he was going to get away with it.

What if he wanted to cross his I’s and dot his T’s and not get accused of backdating memo’s like Adrian Dix did?

Given the time frame Basi’s memo was written coming on the aftermath of the Dix/Clark scandal, why aren’t the main stream media taking this more seriously?

I mean after all the ridicule that Dix was put through and still is, who could blame the guy for at least being careful with memo’s?

Just saying….

What are your thoughts?

Kevin Krueger Must have read my earlier blog today!

Hasta La Vista Knucklehead!

That would be the early morning post entitled:BC Liberal Government knows they are going to lose!

Why else would he have chosen today to announce he’s not running.

I have two words to describe my reaction when I first heard the news today : SO WHAT!

He is a loudmouth and a boar. Who needs him?

As I thought about it the rest of the day two more words came to mind : WHO CARES!

Now maybe Kamloops-South Thompson will get an MLA that will treat the office with the respect and dignity it deserves.

What do you think?

World Markets today!

Up a bit today!

What do you know the markets were up a bit today but traders are still very cautious with the EU summit just around the corner.

Numbers at Close:TSX — 11,410.94 +76.52 0.68%

S&P 500 — 1,331.85 +11.86 0.90%

Dow — 12,627.01 +92.34 0.74%

Nasdaq — 2,875.32 +21.26 0.74%

Tomorrow; Rim Q3 earnings. Analysts expect 1 cent per share,we will see!

TD Bank says without steps toward fiscal integration the crisis will not be contained.( Think we kind of knew that)

Lets see what tomorrow US and Friday’s Canadian economic numbers say as we head into the weekend.

Stay tuned!

BC Liberal Government Knows They are going to Lose the Next Election!

Clark has already had practice with a concession speech after the HST debacle,she should be good at it by now!

Why else would would they opt for intervener status in the Enbridge oil pipeline proposal.

Not only that but since this is not due to finish until late 2013 they are leaving a hand grenade without the pin for the NDP to deal with.( The dippers are on record as being against this issue which will put them on course for a head on collision with the Harper government should the proposal get “green lighted”)

Before you think I feel bad for the NDP I don’t.

I just think the Clark Government who claims to have a families first agenda,should have at least had some reports or queries to file by the January deadline.

Let’s face it, the Premier is on record saying she will sit squarely on the fence until she sees the results of the study before going one way or another on the issue.

So why not take advantage of the opportunity and at least ask the questions that concern YOU?

Why miss the deadlines Premier?

Better yet if you care so much about the result why not be a government participant in the study?

To me the answer is obvious: The results of the proposal hearing will be released after the election and they know they are going to lose so they don’t care!

What do you think?

World Markets today: 3 Days until EU summit!

No sharing debt liability as long as I live!

Turmoil in Europe as German Chancellor Angela Merkel Shot down the possibility that Europe would share debt liability ” as long as she is alive”

That comment no doubt helped the Euro continue it’s down trend and some experts are now warning that the upcoming EU summit will be a fiasco!

Billionaire George Soros comments on the video below.


The Markets today; they more or less broke even.

Stay tuned ,lets see what tomorrow has to offer.