Christy Clark and The BC Liberals:Catalyst for Failure!

Brad Wall a Great Leader, Christy Clark out of her league

The government under Christy Clark and the BC Liberals brings to mind the sad tale of Emperor Nero in the stories of ancient Rome.

You remember the tale told that when Nero fiddled Rome burned.

Well guess what and her team are fiddling BC is catching fire.

Evidence of that would be their incompetence on both the Catalyst and the Dutch Elm disease files.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is making a name for himself with his adept handling of the issue with an intellectual argument showing Leader Mulcair statement would result in higher resource taxes. In an even smarter move he asked Mulcair to explain what he meant.( Was this to be a revival of the National Energy Program? More carbon taxes?)

What was BC Premier Christy Clark’s response?

This is goofy!

This leads us to events this week and the cover up and abomination that was her non-attendance at the Western premier summit and her mishandling of the Catalyst file.

Clark’s excuse for not going to the summit was that she had business to attend to in BC. In her place she sent accomplished liar Minister Pat Bell.

She introduced the costly Family day holiday that most people in the financial district won’t be able to take and most small business people will have to pay through the nose to finance.

This was a total shell game in that Clark sent her jobs minister who has been lying and covering up her governments incompetence handling the problems with catalyst and the large amount of jobs at stake.

Why? So he would not have to face the consequences on the Catalyst File

The swap for her was that she did not have to perform with the rest of Western Canada’s real leaders that would have led to further exposure as the weak lame duck Premier that she is.

Premier Wall showed us that with his actions on the Dutch-file.

This is nothing but a shell game or cover up by a government on its way out.

Premier Clark and her team need to be reminded that governing the province and showing leadership in this country is not a radio show.

It requires a well thought out plan with competent people to carry it out,

This government has neither.

Thank god there is only 11 months left!

What will they screw up next?

What do you think?

Scared of Energy Discussion, Christy Clark Chickens out of Western Premier’s Summit!

Scared of the Western Premiers Meeting Christy Clark hides out with Richard Branson!

The big smoke screen, better known as L’affaire Branson gave the Chicken Premier Christy Clark something to hide behind as she evaded discussing energy with the Western Premiers.

As you may know by now, Clark sent in her place, her favorite whipping boy Minister Pat Bell.

You may recall Bell as the guy that took the heat for Telus Gate ( the scrapping of the Telus/BC Place stadium name deal) after Clark was not invited to a major jobs announcement.

Yes this is the same Bell that threw $750,000 down the drain on a failed HST pamphlet.

To date now that the Premiers summit has been completed , I have not found one quote from him outlining what he brought to the table on behalf of leaderless BC.

So much for BC Having a voice on this vitally important issue!

Clark as you will recall has failed to take a position on the pipeline issue. Both BC Conservative Leader John Cummins ( for) and BC NDP leader Adrian Dix (against) have shown leadership on this issue.

But then what did you expect from a chicken?

Christy Clark and the Penguins: A photo op for two vanishing species!

Penguin: Whats wrong with these women,why wreck my Monday?

Christy Clark and Margaret MacDiarmid will interrupt the Vancouver Aquariums daily schedule for a photo-op advising British Columbians the chosen day in February for the new costly holiday.

As if anybody really cares which day it is.

In fact Vancouverites are more concerned with gas prices,coast guard closings and the like to waste a lot of time caring which day the holiday falls on.

There will likely be a lot of BS about having it at a different time that The US Presidents day long weekend.

With all the recent April 1st tax increases,coupled with the hidden BC Hydro increase you will get hammered with( after the election),people will be to scared to spend what little money they have.

Clark won’t speak about the Coast guard closing. ( She’s waiting for a study)

She won’t talk about where she stands on the pipeline. ( She’s waiting for a study)

The press and the penguins will be there. One has no choice the other will waiting for Clark to go off message and say something stupid as she usually does.

About the only thing fitting about tomorrow’s photo-op is the location in that it will further remind people that Clark and her BC Liberal team are vanishing species just like some of the Aquariums inhabitants.

What do you think?

Is this photo-op one great big waste of time?

Premier Christy Clark is an Embarrassment!

Christy Clark: The BC Liberal Family Comes First

Premier Christy cannot get her facts straight. This most recent gaffe relating to the 50% rate increase that BC Hydro was planning ( they weren’t) was another in a long line of gaffes and miscues in the year and a bit since her party screwed up and elected her to lead them.

It was especially embarrassing to hear Minister Rich Coleman on radio explaining that she had been corrected and further say yes she was wrong.

This is terrible to have a leader, a Premier to go continuously off message and screw up the facts.

What adds fuel to the fire is that she was responding to over ruling the BC Utilities Commission, a commission that the BC Liberals campaigned to promote in 2001. This will effectively kill off any hearing that would have happened in June. ( Cover up? )

I can’t imagine if you were a member of her caucus and were relying on her to save your career how you would feel.

No wonder they keep her hidden as often as they do.

It’s getting to the point that , whenever she makes an announcement , it safer to wait a day or so to make sure she got it right.

How bad is that?

Buzz Buzz: The Perils of Socialism

Patti Bacchus: When the BC Civil Liberties Association says jump I say How High!

Once again another socialist experiment has ended in failure.

This time, thankfully it was over in a month and only cost $15,000.

Of course I am referring to socialist dipshit Patti Bacchus and her shutting off of the school yard mosquito anti vandalism devices in lower mainland school yards.

In less than month after Bacchus opened her big mouth a school yard was vandalized and yes knuckleheads started loitering again.

In the time between shutting them down and today, neighbors had to resume combing school yards for spent needles and the like.

To people like Bacchus and the BC Civil Liberties association this was preferable rather than leaving them on until their “study” reached its obvious conclusion.

Of course Vancouverites will remember Bacchus from another act of stupidity.That would be blaming boys and men for watching hockey and UFC which, lead to them causing hockey riots.

In her mind she probably thinks students are rioting in the streets of Montreal because the Canadiens didn’t make the playoffs!

Beware, Bacchus might make herself available and run for a seat under the BCNDP banner in next years provincial election.

How would that make you feel?

BC Liberals:Honest Open Accountable Government; Not!

May 2013: Sweeping Changes ahead in British Columbia.

Honest open accountable government is the mantra that the BC Liberals were swept into power with back in 2001

When they are swept out of office in May 2013 their epitaph will read ” Honest Open Accountable Government; Not!”

To wit:

BC Rail



Shutting down the BC utilities commission

Sneaky RFPs like the current liquor privatization scheme.

These are just a few of the things that are not open or honest but if I read the people correctly, the Christy Clark led Liberal team will surely be held accountable for.

Shutting down the BC Utilities commission deserves an inquiry of its own. I mean, what lurks under the smoke screen of rate freezes that these people trying to cover up?

What about the liquor RFP. If it comes to fruition the way it has been portrayed ( haven’t seen a compelling reason from the Liberals why it won’t) how rotten and underhanded will that be ?

Getting back to 2001, the big joke of the day was that nobody could find anybody who ever admitted voting NDP. Fast forward to 2012/2013 is there anybody out their who will admit to having voted BC Liberal?

Canada: Becoming a culture of Riots?

Rioting has always been a part of the culture of the Human Race; just ask the folks in Boston!

So it seems Canada is joining the world and becoming a culture of riots and rioters.

This is nothing new to the rest of the world, but why us and why now?

One reason is probably that we are a younger country and we are due.

Go back in time, people rioted when Julius Caesar was killed, they rioted in Boston in the harbor.

The big discussion nowadays is how to handle a riot. What can the police do? It must be frustrating to be a police person etc. etc. etc.

I think a better discussion might be ” What causes riots and what can we learn from history to help us prevent future violent out breaks?

It seems after a quick review of the history of rioting, a common denominator could be politics.

Specifically politicians not listening and taxing without representation.

That was the cause of riots like the Boston Tea Party through to rioting in Canada today.

Anything else? Yes Through high taxes the theme that middle class and lower class are being phased out leaving them nowhere to go and nothing to belong to, except maybe a riot or two !

Ask yourself this: What does a person or class of people think when a government decides to invest their money in flowers for a road meridian or bike lanes?

This might be a partial explanation for the hockey riots and is certainly an explanation for why over half of eligible voters don’t vote.

Has there ever been a riot or revolt without all this violence in any country including Canada?

I think yes and it would be our recent revolt against the HST. In fact there is no telling how that particular issue could have gotten out of hand if it wasn’t so well-organized.

Have our politicians got the message?

No they haven’t. An example of this would be in British Columbia right now and the big hurry to rush a whole lot of bills through the house without debate. ( Just wait for liquor prices to rise after the fast pedaling of the liquor distribution bill)

But it’s not just governments that don’t get it.

The recent labor mayhem with the teachers is a good example too! If extra curricular activities are taken away from students and from adults who enjoy putting them on. it will be one less place for those people to belong.

This is the fault of both, government and the union because neither are listening.

So am I condoning violent riots to strike out at the government?

Heavens no, the people who incite the violence need to be dealt with quickly and harshly.

What I am saying , the politicians who don’t listen also need to be dealt with quickly and severely in the same fashion as the HST.

They need to be voted out of office and replaced with a government who listens to all of their constituents.

British Columbians are lucky. They will get the chance to rise up and revolt and send the current BC Liberal Government packing in 2013.

In 2013 vote carefully, vote for the party that will represent your concerns ( links to parties websites can be found at the bottom of the highlighted blog post)

What do you think?

Is there a lesson in history?

Adrian in the Bubble!

Brian Topp: SSH Adrian, Not one word!

Today comes word that the Adrian Dix led BCNDP will bring in Brian Topp to manage their 2013 election campaign.

What will this mean to BC Voters and a greater extent to the Mainstream Media?

Back in the 1990’s Brian Topp worked Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow as his Deputy Chief of Staff.

What is remarkable about this and why it is a great move for the BCNDP is this : There are three amazing parallels to the Romanow win and our own upcoming BC Election.

1) Grant Devine and his Conservatives found themselves as far behind and as reviled as The Christy Clark BC Liberals are now.

2) There were 3 main parties who had candidates in that election, The NDP,Conservatives and the Liberals

3) The NDP ran a great campaign and won easily.

What the NDP did in Saskatchewan I suspect the BCNDP will do here. They ran a campaign dubbed in the media as the Roy in the Bubble Campaign.

This meant that Roy Romanow was so far ahead when the election started, he kept his mouth shut,held on to his big lead and won.

I suspect Brian Topp will bring some of that knowledge to this campaign and encourage Adrian Dix and the BCNDP team to do the same.

It worked then and it will probably work now.

What do you think?

Christy Clark: Leadership or Lack of it? You decide.

Whether you like it or not,the people are trying to tell you something!

I used to work for a small polling company back in 2000-2005.

When I was there this is how polling worked.

The company would get hired to poll customers or voters relevant to a specific question,product service or idea.

A script would be written,approved by stakeholders and loaded into a computer so that those trained in a call center environment would phone and ask a question.

They did not browbeat people into answering but rather were instructed to be overly nice as the competition for the consumers time was unbelievable.( It’s worse now even with do not call lists)

The caller would enter the data into the computer and from there a report was generated and sent out for statistical analysis.

The person doing the analysis was an experienced statistician who had analyzed data for a number of years for a number of different polls.

From there reports were present to clients and released to the news.

Lately we have seen polling done on the BC political climate with the pollsters telling us what people think today. The most obvious question they would have asked would have been” If an election were held today,who would you vote for?”

The most recent result on a poll done by Angus Reid showed us that 50% of the people would vote BCNDP if an election were held now.

The current BC Liberal government polled at 23%.

This means that as of today, Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Government are not connecting with 77% of the electorate.

It was reported that when asked about this, Premier Clark blasted the polling company.

I can tell you from experience that it is hardly the polling company’s fault that Ms Clark and her government is not connecting with the electorate.

Had she come out and accepted the blame ( or at least some of it) she would have taken leadership of the situation.

She didn’t and once again missed a glorious opportunity to connect with the people she needs.

I recall years ago another politician missed a chance to do the same thing.

His name was Stockwell Day. He made a grave error in a speech in Niagara Falls.

You may recall he said Canadian Jobs were flowing south like the Niagara River. When it was pointed out to him that the river actually flowed north,he lashed out and said he would get the person who wrote the speech with the wrong facts.

As you know by now he went on to lose the election because of this and other gaffes. Had he taken leadership of that,the result might have been different.

My point is that through lashing out, politicians like Day and most likely Clark lose because they don’t know how to lead.

In Clark’s case she has 12 month’s to learn.

Do you think she will? ( A clue might be that Stockwell Day is one of her mentors)

What are your thoughts?