BC Liberal Party Starts the Shift Left, Two get Thrown under the Bus!

Christy Clark tosses two more under the bus!

By now that BC Liberal bus will need a new set of tires. You can add two more names to the list of people inept Premier Christy Clark Has thrown under the bus!

They would be longtime BC Liberal whipping boy Chad Pederson and Director Of Communications Jehnifer Benoit.

Poor Jehn had only been with Christy’s team for a few months, joining after a beaning by a bottle during last years hockey riots!

You can read into that what you want.

These political fatalities were more than likely a result of Premier Dementia veering left and trying to attract some NDP support.

It seems in Christy’s world principles mean nothing.

All you have to stand for is whatever the voters want.

Stay tuned, there will probably be more!


Adrian Dix got lucky..

Adjudicator Ian Pitfield found the tasering incident regrettable?

Regrettable because?

a) it took 4.5 years to bring this so-called “minor offense” to a conclusion?

b) had the BC Liberal government and TransLink installed the proper turnstiles in the first place this would have never happened?

c) he had to suspend a man who tasered some idiot who ran away from a ticket he would have never had to pay anyways?

The Common denominator in all of this ?

The Christy Clark led BC Liberal government.

Without their inept handling of the courts , Translink and their own internal collection system, this never would have happened in the first place.

So while you are enjoying your hard-earned weekend ( with all the tax increases believe me it was hard-earned) ask yourself this: Why did you vote BC Liberal in the first place?

With all their demonstrated incompetence will you dare do it again?

Meet Joey Shithead, the face of the NDP.

I wanna be a Cabinet Minister

You vote NDP next time around you get Joe Keithley AKA Joey Shithead as your star candidate right up there with Clark buddy and fellow turncoat Joe Trasolini.

The old NDP under Bob Rae in Ontario did better with all the cooks and bottle washers they had in their government.

Maybe Shithead and Trasolini can parlay their star status into Ministers of Justice and the Attorney General.

Twin Joes , the straws that will stir the NDP drink.

And you think you got it bad now.

Just wait!

Welcome to the Strike Capital of the Free World, AKA Christy’s world!

Raise your hand if your name is Alison Redford!

Super Natural British Columbia, the place where people come from around the world to…

Go on Strike.

It is starting to sound a lot like the 90’s and the NDP aren’t even in power yet!

Today ICBC workers voted for strike action

This comes on the heels of the teachers who have threatened to strike and withhold extra curricular activities from students ( score that one 73-27 in favor of the dissidents).

Who will threaten to go out next?

Taxpayers maybe? Investors?

The current NDP lite government, who tries to fool the public into thinking they are Conservative, are considering going back to the center?

Seems inept Premier Christy thinks she is in Alberta and she can be like Alison.

Problem is two-fold

One if you are a right leaning government and you want to drift to the center you have to raise taxes to do that and

Two she can’t be like Alison because she is the most hated Premier in Canada.

So maybe when she says she would consider a name change she is not talking about the party,maybe it’s her own name she wants to change.

Won’t help; if it walks like a Christy and talks like a Christy it must be ,well, Christy.

So when I ask who will threaten to strike next,the answer: taxpayers because we aren’t gonna take it anymore.

Would you agree?

It’s All about Wildrose!




For the next 24 hours or so it’s all about the Wildrose party.

If current polls are to be believed ( and I hope they are)  The  Wildrose Party is poised to sweep to a massive majority and sweep the PC party of Alberta from power.

You might wonder why a good Conservative such as myself is pumped and primed for this to happen.

When I lived in Alberta in 2006/2007 and Red Stelmach was elected leader there were a lot of us who believed that there were a  a lot of new members who were not exactly Conservatives who took out membership and participated in that leadership contest.

I became one of the original Pamphleteers , door knocked and distributed some of the early literature. ( The picture above is that first brochure)

Between Red’s economic policy and followed by Alison Redford’s Socialist budget that kind of bears that out.

Alberta needs a change to good old Alberta Conservative common sense. They need the Wildrose party!

To Premier Christy Clark I ask: for the next 24 please sit back,commit no gaffes that will take the spotlight away from the Wildrose and watch how a real leader like Danielle Smith acts on election night. ( You will never get the chance)

Today I say to Danielle Smith and my friend William McBeath; Go get em tomorrow! Make us proud!

By-Election results-A direct reflection on Premier Clark.

This woman has nothing to laugh about!

The results are in and its official, The Voters in the two by-elections have told Premier Christy Clark in resounding fashion: You and your party have to go!

Make no mistake about it the results last night are a direct reflection on her and her party’s mandate.

If a general election were held today, polls show and last nights results confirm, the Liberals would be swept out of office in dynamic fashion.

The NDP would be left with the biggest mandate in their history.

The Premier mused earlier in the week ( about the same time she told her troops they weren’t going to win and not to expect much ) that maybe a name change would help out their fortunes.

That would be like the Costra Nostra changing their name to the Mafia. People still know a gangster when they see one.

What do you think. Would a name change help?

27% of teachers vote to Not screw your children out of extra curricular activities!

This woman doesn't give a rats ass about your kids!

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the other 73% waved their middle finger at you and said we don’t care what the other 27% think, we are withholding these services.

I do not believe in coincidences and the fact that his result was announced the day after the NDP won two by-elections is a harbinger of things to come leading up to the next election.

In fact, it gives one food for thought to wonder what an incredible mess this province will be in should the polls be accurate and they go one o form a majority government.

This whole mess can be laid squarely at the feet of our inept and knuckle-headed premier Christy Clark.

If it wasn’t for the mess that this government has created not only would the by-election results be different but so would the optics that allow the BCTF to get away with this shameless act of bullshit.

Last night the people overwhelmingly spoke, Christy Clark and her gang must go!

What do you think?

John Martin has class!

The picture above tells the story. The BC Conservatives had a classy candidate in Chilliwack-Hope.

He didn’t get the result he wanted but still had the character to go to NDP headquarters and congratulate the victor.

John Martin, I salute and thank you for a job well done!

I also take my hat off to all those candidates no matter what the party. You all worked hard and you should be proud.

Enjoy your morning off because the run up to the next election has already started.

Chilliwack and Port Moody no longer have to hold their noses when they vote!

There is an easy way to flush the BC Liberals and it doesn't involve holding your nose!

Tomorrow, April 19th marks the first time since the introduction of the HST that people ( albeit in only two voting areas) get a chance to send a message directly to the government that lied and sleazed their way through things like the HST, BC Rail,Basi Virk, Telus gate etc.

This is different then the HST referendum, this will really hurt!

If you live in those communities exercise your right and vote for change.

If you are passionate about a political party get out there and vote for it.

But for heaven sakes don’t hold your nose when you cast your vote! You don’t have too!

If you vote NDP tomorrow thinking it will flush Christy and the Liberals down the toilet and out of office think again !

If you are going to hold your nose and vote for the BC Liberals because you think there is no alternative,think again!

Through recent announcements,both the Premier and former attorney General Geoff Plant, waved the white flag and told the troops that they don’t have much faith in winning.

They would like nothing more for you to vote NDP and allow them to at least finish second so they can continue the ” You are splitting the vote BC Conservatives” mantra that they have been spewing ever since their numbers in the polls have dropped like a bad avalanche in the spring.

They have to say this, they can’t run on their record. It’s abysmal.

Stop holding your nose.

Vote for passionate change and vote B.C. Conservatives and tell Christy and her crew that you see through that charade and you are not going to stand for it anymore!

How will you vote tomorrow with passion or a nose clip?

Translink is another BC Liberal Mismanagement story

The BC Liberal Government's farebeat collection system is Mickey Mouse!

Today, Translink CEO Ian Jarvis sent a letter to employees defending their bonuses and their hard work.

That’s all well and good but the heart of the problem with Translink lies with the BC Liberals and their uncollectable farebeat program.

The revenue, is reported to be in the area of 154-232 million ,has been lost in the years starting in 2000. ( This doesn’t count the money spent producing the tickets and administering them)

What you should be concerned about is that the revenue from collected fare-beat tickets went straight to government coffers and not Translink themselves. ( This is wrong too as the revenue if collected would help Translink run their business.)

What should concern you most is that your BC Liberal government didn’t even know it was missing.

This means the whole time they were trying ( are still trying) to shove the HST down your throat, they didn’t need to.

As taxpayers we all should be outraged!

They could have toughened up their collection approaches all the way back to 2000 instead of letting fare-beaters have a free for all.

During the last election the BC Liberals told you not to vote NDP because they were the best team to manage the economy.

Judging by the job they have done with Translink’s money, they lied. ( The first lie of many)

Thursday,if you are lucky enough to live in Chilliwack or Port Moody you have a chance to hold them accountable.

If you want to send the Premier and her entourage a message, Vote BC Conservative.