The Christy Clark B.C.Liberal government have caused all the labor disruption!

Unions attacking a wounded government!

In the news the last few weeks has been the teacher’s strike and all the procedures and wrangling in the legislature.

On the heels of that nurses and anesthesiologists are now calling for the government to hire extra workers.

There is also talk of a general strike amongst all government unionized employees.

The theory goes this is all occurring because the B.C.Liberals want the great fight with the unions and the NDP to show the public that they are the only choice to represent them after the next election.

Conventional thinking also says that Adrian Dix and the NDP will soon be forced out of their cone of silence and have to take a stand and support the unions at least until after the election.

What everybody fails to realize is that we are in this boat to begin with because the B.C. Liberal government is a very weak government and has caused the need for this plan themselves.

A strong stable government would have stopped this months ago.

The seed for this was planted during the election of 2009 when they denied they would bring in the HST only to be followed by the great sneaky reversal shortly there after.This was fumble number one.

Fumble number two was intentionally misleading the public with the deficit figure.

The third fumble was caused by new Premier Christy Clark who had the chance to clean this up when she was first sworn in but instead screwed up and the taxpayers wound up with a delayed needless referendum when the tax could have been scrapped in the house sooner.

We have now come full circle with the needless gaffes caused by this government bringing us where we are now.

So next time you here the government blaming the unions,the simple are doing what mother nature had intended: namely smelling a wounded bloodied animal and going in for the kill!

Don’t you agree?

Premier Christy Clark’s name surfaces yet again in a bad way!

It seems that not a day goes by without Premier Christy Clark and her campaign team having allegations pointed at then in a negative way.

First we found out about the Atwal affair after it was revealed that the gangster in question was invited to sit in the house and listen to the budget presentation.

Then, we were shown, through the keyboard of Alex G.Tsakumis, of the alleged improprieties with PIN Numbers and with consulate visits helping gangsters getting visas.

Today,Premier Christy Clark’s name came up in a piece in the Vancouver Province that alleges heavy-handed campaigning by a sizable donor to her campaign.

Kinda makes me think , as my mother as often said, ” Where there is smoke there might be fire”.

What do you think?

What will the next breaking story be about? Fundraising in a beer case?

Do not believe the B.C.Liberals claim to be good economic managers!

Question to either of you: What is more substantial $20 million or $40 million?

Think back to 2008 when the economy started to deteriorate and governments around the world started to put plans in place to survive economic recessions.

Think a little further ahead to May of 2009 when the provincial election was on and then Premier Gordon Campbell tried to make you believe in light of the turmoil his party was the only one to lead you through tough economic times.

He told you that his government managed to hold the deficit to 495 million and that alone should be enough to garner your support.

Then a few short months after the election the same Party with a reelected Premier told you that no; the budget had ballooned to $2.8 million but that it could be kept under control by a 1.6 billion payment from the Federal government if we implemented a thing called the HST.

Remember the feeling you had as you thought through all of this and wondered to yourself ” I am not an economic manager, I am just a regular person sitting at home who knew they economy was worse than they said, why didn’t the B.C.Liberals know this and be more on top of it than they were?”

I mean after all,they are the ones with the Finance department who is paid to research these kind of things,not you or me.

Remember you also asked yourself ” Why on earth did I vote for these people?”

I throw this out there because as I read Vaughn Palmer’s excellent column in the Vancouver Sun today, I was reminded of the Liberals economic mismanagement.

In particular a couple of quotes stood out: in 2011 Minister Pat Bell said that 20 million dollars was a substantial sum of money for the naming rights to BC Place.Then one year later the same Minister said 40 million was not good value for the taxpayers for the same rights.

Without discussing all the cost overruns and deficits in the BC Place project,one thing is abundantly clear: if a Minister in the BC Liberal Government thinks $20 million is substantial and $40 million is not, how can they lay claim to being good economic managers for the province?

They can’t and never will be able to again.

Don’t you agree?

Laurie Throness:Cheating is no big deal!

Laurie Throness: I learned everything I know about how to run elections from Premier Christy Clark!

As hard as it it to believe B.C. Liberal Laurie Throness said in an interview in the Chilliwack Times that having election signs up before the by-election is called is no big deal.

Of course that is against the rules and is therefore cheating.

So to Mr. Throness cheating is no big deal.

In another act of ,well stupidity,members of his campaign team went to city hall today to pay the $500 permit to place signs during an election. They were of course refused because there is no election on.

A good politician knows the rules and also surrounds himself with people that know them as well.

These cheaters sound like rank amateurs? Do they not take the potential by-election seriously enough to at least read the rules?

Can you imagine them as handlers of the public trust?

Are you as dumbfounded as I am that Mr.Throness thinks cheating is no big deal?

Are you as blown away as I am that he openly states that on the public record?

B.C. Liberal Sleaze and Bullshit continues…

Just like the HST the Liberals are up to their sneaky bullshit again!

What a load of crap!

The Premier, in hiding in Ottawa, still does not have the decency or the nerve to call the by-elections in either of Chilliwack or Port Moody.

In typical B.C. Liberal fashion though, The B.C.Liberal Campaign team carries on the tradition of sleaze and BS and installs campaign signs before the by-election is called.

Nobody else would do this except for Christy Clark and her band of sleazy campaigners.

This is an act of smugness and should insult the intelligence of voters everywhere.

How many times can these people break the rules before taxpayers and voters say enough is enough!

When the by-election is called send a message; Give them the boot!

Don’t you agree?

You have been hosed Part 2

Premier Christy Clark:You don't invite me to you job announcement,I cancel your deal.

I had planned for this to be about the government hosing of the taxpayer during the teacher lockout out.

You know,Minister Abbott says we will not speed up the process the bill needs to be discussed hosing while the Premier says “Teachers get back to school your little strike won’t make a difference anyways.”

This is a hosing on a grand government scheme because the Premier could care less whether the teachers work or your kids go back to school.

This is all about optics and the longer the teachers stay out the more the government thinks they will recover a bit in the polls.This is true especially if the BCTF screws up again and pickets in front of government buildings.

This is what today’s blog was supposed to be about but this hosing was interrupted to allow the government to hose you again.

How? Cancelling the Telus arena name deal.

This no doubt happened because the premier had her shorts in a knot over being snubbed by Telus and not getting an invite to last weeks Telus announcement.( Who can blame them,Telus is a family friendly company,she on the other hand has budget speeches read in front of gangsters.)

The government now has to make up $40 million dollars they had counted on and you the taxpayer will undoubtedly be asked to pony up.

You can add that to all the other times you have been hosed by Christy,Kevin and George in the last month alone.( Think MSP,ICBC,BC Hydro and gas and carbon taxes)

So the question I leave you with today is this: Got a spare $40 million we can borrow?

Aint nothing but a hose job! ( sung to the tune of Aint nothin but a hound dog)

I am so excited, I just hosed all the taxpayers and that includes the teachers too!

“This Is a government in freefall”

“The teachers have won in the court of public opinion and this will finish off the BC Liberals hold on power”

Statements by Adrian Dix?

Uh No.

These are statements made today by BCTF President Susan Lambert.

What’s wrong with this is that the walk out was supposed to be about working conditions and kids.

These two statements prove it is not. The BCTF is out on strike to bring the government down!

This is not a negotiation, this is a hosing of a grand scheme.

Are you a parent? You have been putting your kids in daycare or staying at home to help the union bosses bring the government down.

Are you a teacher? You have just been used as a pawn in the unions game to finish off the BC Liberals.

Who got hosed the most? Kids…

They have been without reports all year, no classes this week .

All this because Susan Lambert and Jim Sinclair and the Union Bosses want to bring the government down.

So now that you know you have been hosed, how does it feel?

Tomorrow: The Union is not the only one hosing you!

Premier Photo-Op in Hiding,but that’s not the worst part……….

Apparently Our Premier has been in hiding all weekend making videos leaving Minister Abbott to fend for himself handling the teacher’s strike!

Expect to see Hi I’m Christy how do you like me so far videos soon

Barf bags for use with Christy Clark videos

Nope that’s still not the worst part!

Today she is hiding out at a closed to the media event in Chilliwack.

Where is the event you might ask? Why in a PRIVATE SCHOOL where any good Premier would be on the first day of a public school teachers strike. ( note sarcasm)

The BC Liberals poll results are awful for a myriad of reasons, one of which is lousy optics.

This ranks as one of the worst.

What do you think ?

Clark to teachers: It’s important the children don’t miss a day during this dispute. Important to who Christy?

Christy Clark: closer to the point of no return!

In another move that reeks of more flagrant self serving BS, the Premier asked the teachers not to strike.

She said it is most important that the children not miss a single day during the dispute.

Important for who Madam Premier?

Surely not for the children because if you really felt that way you could do something about it.

You could keep the legislature open for business over the weekend and get the bill through the house earlier.

You could also invoke closure.This would get the bill through the house even faster

No Madam premier what you mean is it’s important for you that the kids don’t miss any school.

Important for you because if they do,you and your government will be blamed for how you handled this.

Your poll results will continue to slide as will your tenuous grasp of your unelected Premiership.

So now that that’s on the table, What are you going to do?

87% of Teachers vote to get sucked into the governments plan to recover in the polls.

Premier Christy Clark: I swear I didn't create this whole mess to recover in the polls!

Coming on the heels of their original list of stupid demands, teachers have voted 87% in favor of striking on Monday.

If you have a small business or any business for that matter, expect a call from a parent asking to reschedule or for time off. Have your kids in day care? Expect them to be more overcrowded than usual.

Can’t find anywhere to put your children? The teachers union doesn’t care,they are off for 3 days beginning Monday.

Are you a pot dealer? Stock up it’s going to be a busy week!

This action is in response to bill 22 introduced yesterday by Education Minister Abbott.

The bill is far from flawless and it’s release holds the government complicit in this whole mess.

If the Education Minister believes strongly in this bill,then he should order the legislature in session over the weekend so that proceedings can be hurried along and the strike prevented.( Before anybody argues cost,consider what it will cost in late August to recall the legislature to prevent a full on strike)

Working over the weekend would be counter to the governments plan to use this as a stepping stone to recover in the polls.

What will happen?

Well it’s only 10am on Thursday,plenty of time for Premier Christy Clark to come out, contradict and throw the Education Minister under the bus.

The result? The government will come out looking just as stupid as the original demands made by the teachers and nothing will be solved.

Their standing on the polls? Worse than it is now!