Today it’s all about the Federal NDP

Round one is in the books and it goes to Mulcair although not by as much as he would have liked.

The curious thing about the vote, like general elections, is that not many people voted.

At this point 49.97% of the NDP’s membership has cast a vote for one of the candidates.

What makes this continuing voter phenomena so shocking is that during a leadership vote only paid members can vote.

When political parties sell memberships one of the value statements they make and that people  is that for your $10 or $15 you can make your mark on the party by choosing it’s next leader.

To me it’s shocking that more members would vote. I think it also blows holes in the theory put out there by some people that voting in general elections should be mandatory otherwise you get fined.

People just don’t seem to want to get involved!

It will be interesting to see how this compares with the turnout at the Liberal Party of Canada leadership convention given in January they changed the rules to allow a free supporter category to vote for the leader.

What do you think?

Premier Christy Clark in the running for an award!!!!!

Christy Clark: I am in the running for an award!

It seems every time she speaks the Premier is not only wrong but mixes the facts up.

This is the person who is supposed to lead our province through tough economic times and she cannot keep her facts straight.

Gary Mason has a great piece today detailing her ineptitude and her breath taking gaffes .

You should read it and then ask yourself two questions, namely ” What the heck is this person doing as Premier ?” and “What on earth were the B.C. Liberals thinking when they anointed her as leader last year?”

Off course if you read this excellent piece by Alex G. Tsakumis , you know they weren’t thinking at all, they were conned!

Now what?

Time to award this week’s winner and it’s a tie !

The Bonehead of the week award goes to the whole B.C. Liberal team, lead of course by Premier unelect Christy Clark!

Another Great week for the B.C. Liberal team!

BC Conservatives: Not Spoilers; Here for BC!

Here for BC!

As the signs flew out the door and Premier Christy Clark said the BC Conservatives were here to play the spoiler role, I couldn’t help but laugh!

In 2009 when I was on the campaign team of Mary Polak in the role of Fundraising chair, I had occasion to go to the nomination meeting of Gordon Campbell.

Mr.Campbell came out on the stage and in the beginning of his speech waxed eloquent about wanting to be Premier because he owed it to British Columbia to get the province economically sound enough so that his grandchildren could live here, graduate here and get a good job here.

The problem with that speech was that he gave nearly the same one in the late ’90s in Vernon British Columbia. The only difference in the two speeches was that night in Vernon he said he wanted to be Premier so that his Children could live here, graduate here and get a good job here.

As you can see,the only thing that changed in the whole time that Campbell was Premier was that his kids grew up , had kids and the place still wasn’t good enough for them.

Ship ahead to 2011 and say Hello to Christy Clark and her families first agenda. Still the same old,I want to do good for families speech without anything ever happening.

Premier Clark has undertaken to review almost everything, a roll and task that should have been done when she first was a minister back in the early 2000’s.

The B.C Liberals have worn out their welcome with me and a lot of people. Like me those folks went through the motions in the last election because they did not want the NDP to form government.

We have suffered the nineties ( Known as the decade of destruction) under the NDP and continued the suffering in the 2000’S ( known as the decade of deceit) under the BC Liberals.

With the calling of the By-election today we begin ( for some of us continue) the process of restoring our illustrious province to one of respect and dignity. We want to return British Columbia to all those families who have been taxed and gauged over the last 20 years.

It’s time for real change in British Columbia, it’s time to correct the problems that the true spoilers of the wealth in BC Have caused, it’s time for the BC Conservatives !

BY-Elections Called-Time for a change-time to send a message to Premier Clark!

Time for a Change!

Finally the by-elections have been called, now what.

The people have 28 days to send a message to the B.C. Liberal government and in my mind the choice is simple. A vote for Christy Clark, her team , Adrian Dix and the BCNDP is a vote for more of the same high tax and spend governments of the past 20 years or a vote for refreshing change.

John Cummins , John Martin and Christine Clarke of the B.C. Conservatives is just that.Honest open government that is accountable to the people. A vote for the B.C. Conservatives is like a vote for your wallet.

Hang on to your hard-earned money and on April 19th vote for positive change!

Send a message to Clark and Dix : tell them we are not going to take it anymore!

Potentially on the eve before the by-elections are called the Globe and Mail reminds us how stupid Premier Clark is!

The uniform of choice for anybody that runs on the Premier's record!

Potentially as the CBC is reporting, Premier Christy Clark will finally get around to it and call the by-elections tomorrow..

At the same time Robert Matas writes an excellent piece in the Globe and Mail relating to the mess that Christy Clark caused over the building of the Evergreen Line.

Without rehashing all the furor the Premier caused over her incompetence on this file, it is astounding that the B.C.Liberal Party and in particular our stunned Premier would turn around and publish a flyer listing her goof up as an accomplishment.

Even more incredible is the fact that The B.C. Liberal candidate is proud to run on her record.

While I go out for a barf bag,could somebody run out and grab a couple of straight jackets for the Premier and her prospective underling.

Anybody that runs on her record should be locked away and committed.

Should the by-elections be called tomorrow, this will be the first opportunity for British Columbians in any riding to show the Premier that she is not the right person for the job.

Do the right thing, vote, tell the Premier we get it , and start the process of giving her the boot.

Your family will be glad you did!

BC Conservatives Climb in polls,Catch BC Liberals!



Forum research today unveiled their latest poll and it is full of bad news for the BC Liberals and their hapless unelected Premier Christy Clark.

The BC Conservatives have climbed into a dead heat with the BC Liberals while the approval rating of Premier Christy Clark has dropped to an unheard of low of 26%. ( How do you say Gordon Campbell anyone?)

This writer,along with the residents of Port Moody and Chilliwack would rather we catch a glimpse of a  poll that matters.. That would one would occur if the Premier would take time out of her busy agenda  filming videos for Hockeyville, and call the by-elections that folks have been waiting for.

It’s time Premier Clark,put families first and call the by-elections.There are enough families in these two ridings that want to have representation in the legislature.

Please get on with the job that you were unelected to,Call the By-elections now!

Craig Scott wins Toronto Danforth in the battle of the Socialists


Jack Layton must be looking down proud tonight as dipper comrade Craig Scott soundly trounced fellow socialist in the Brawl for it all in Toronto Danforth.

It was an exciting day what with Olivia Chow getting booted out of a voting station and Bob Rae aka Marijuana Bob finally admitting what the rest of us know:” All I am is the leader of a third party!

I suspect the real big winner tonight will be Thomas Mulcair as he prepares to become Dipper in charge this weekend.

First on his agenda: Devour the Liberal Party of Canada.

Big Loser: Marijuana Bob; he just made a bad day worse and conceded on behalf of his candidate.

Premier Christy Clark’s promises mean nothing;London Ontario makes riot arrests; Clark’s team pulls a Rip Van Winkle!

So whatever happened to all those people who were going to be charged,arrested and made examples of in the great Vancouver Hockey riots?

Remember  Premier Christy Clark  on her post riot Photo Op soapbox?

She made a promise.She promised to expose these people as the cretins that they are.

What has Christy Clark accomplished? More or less nothing.

Almost a year later, 1 guy is doing hard time. What about the rest ?

Over in London Ontario where they had a riot this past weekend ( Not a  football game,just St.Paddy’s day) 13 knuckleheads have been arrested and countless others have been suspended from school.

So rather than refer to our Premier Christy Clark as the Iron Lady , you should ask yourself what the real Iron Lady would have done.

More than likely she would have rounded them up and sent them to some quaint outpost like the Falkland Islands.

Our Premier ,on the other hand,is as Preston Manning said she was, A Snowbird.

We would all be better off if she did what most Snowbirds do; go south and retire!

Christy Clark throws another one under the Bus!

Christy Clark: Sorry Harry ; somebody has to pay for my incompetance!

Ah yes some traditions are hard to break as the B.C. Liberal Party throws yet another member under the bus.

This time,Minister Harry Bloy ( One of yesterdays coveted bonehead winners) has been cast aside for his little email indiscretion.

This Eminata file is becoming a dangerous thing.

I wonder if it will claim anybody else?

Prominent Eminata Advisory board member Stockwell Day must be wondering.

Mr. Day hasn’t had a good week, given the Telus sign deal tanked and yes he sits on that board too!

What do you think?

Which B.C. Liberal Minister is the Bonehead?

So Harry gets one of Naomi’s emails and leaks it.

Which Minister is the Bonehead? Harry for leaking it or Naomi for letting Harry get his hands on it?

Given that we are talking about the BC Liberal government under the Premiership of Christy Clark ,The correct answer would be all 3.

That would include the Premier for putting those two in a position to collect Political Insider’s coveted Bonehead of the day award!

Which one do you think is deserving of the award?